Akamatsu Murahide


Akamatsu Clan


Harima Province

Lifespan:  Meiō 2 (1493) to Tenbun 9 (1540)

Rank:  bushō; lord of Tatsuno-Keirōzan Castle

Title:  Governor of Shimotsuke

Clan:  Akamatsu → Uno

Father:  Akamatsu Masanori

Adoptive Father:  Uno Masahide

Children:  Masahide

Akamatsu Murahide served as a bushō and lord of Tatsuno Castle in Harima Province.  Tatsuno Castle was built on Mount Keirō in Tatsuno, and therefore also known as Tatsuno-Keirōzan Castle.

There are two theories regarding his origins.  First, he was the son of Akamatsu Masanori, the shugo daimyō of Harima, but was not the son of his formal wife, and therefore did not receive support from within the family to become Masanori’s successor.  As a consequence, Akamatsu Yoshimura, a son-in-law of Masanori, became the successor to the clan.  Meanwhile, Murahide was adopted by Uno Masahide, lord of Shioya Castle.  Murahide became lord of Tatsuno Castle after its construction by Masahide in 1499.  And, Murahide received one of the characters in his name from Yoshimura.

Under an alternate theory, Murahide was not the son of Masanori, but rather the grandson of Akamatsu Norisada of the Tatsuno-Akamatsu family.  In 1525, Murahide killed Norisada in Tatsuno Castle and took over the Tatsuno-Akamatsu family.

Murahide served in support of the main branch of the Akamatsu clan, contributing along with the Kodera and Uno clans to oppose the Uragami clan.  Murahide died in 1540 and was succeeded by his son, Akamatsu Masahide.