Abe Tadayoshi


Abe Clan


Mikawa Province

Lifespan:  Genki 1 (1570) to 1/11 of Genna 10 (1624)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Junior Fifth Rank (Lower)

Clan:  Abe

Lord:  Tokugawa Ieyasu → Tokugawa Hidetada

Father:  Abe Masakatsu

Mother:  Daughter of Ebara Sadaji

Siblings:  Sister, Masatsugu, Tadayoshi, wife of Nagai Naokatsu, Masayo

Wife: [Formal] Daughter of Ōsuga Yasutaka, consorts

Children: Sōtarō, wife of Torii Tadayori, Tadaaki, Hikosaburō

Abe Tadayoshi served as a retainer of the Tokugawa clan in the Azuchi-Momoyama period, and as a hatamoto and elder of the Edo bakufu in the Edo period.

Tadayoshi was born in 1570 as the second son of Abe Masakatsu.  In 1586, he became the son-in-law of Ōsuga Yasutaka, a friend of Masakatsu and retainer of Tokugawa Ieyasu, and moved to Yokosuka Castle in Tōtōmi Province in Yasutaka’s domain.  In 1590, Tadayoshi joined in the Odawara Expedition as a commanding officer under Yasutaka.  The conflict witnessed a massive contingent of Toyotomi and Tokugawa forces against the Gohōjō that led to the surrender of the Gohōjō.  Tadayoshi killed two enemy forces, but suffered a wound from a firearm.

In 1599, Tadayoshi became an okachi-gashira, or lower-ranking bushi.  In 1614, he participated in the Ōsaka no jin, or Siege of Ōsaka.  In the Summer Siege of Ōsaka, Tadayoshi and Obata Kagenori contributed to the effort by overcoming the enemy defenses at Okayama.  In 1616, following the death of Tokugawa Ieyasu, Tadayoshi went to Edo and served his successor, Tokugawa Hidetada.  Tadayoshi served as an official at the reburial of Ieyasu at the Rinnō Temple on Mount Nikko in Shimotsuke Province.  Thereafter, his received an increase of his fief to 5,000 koku and was promoted to the role of an ōban-gashira, or unit commander of hatamoto, or soldiers of the Edo bakufu.