Toshima Kyūshin


Toshima Clan


Dewa Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 15xx

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Toshima

Lord:  Andō Shigesue

Wife:  Daughter of the Nikaho clan

Toshima Kyūshin served as a bushō during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  He was a retainer of the Minato-Andō clan.  After undergoing the rites of tonsure, he adopted the name of Hatakeyama Shigemura.

Kyūshin came from Musashi Province to the Toshima township in the Akita District of Dewa Province.  In Toshima, he constructed Toshima Castle and adopted the name of Toshima Genba.  He governed the township and affiliated with the Minato-Andō clan based at Tsuchizaki Harbor in Dewa.  Furthermore, he forged family relationships with the Nikaho clan.  A band of bushi, the Nikaho were members of the Twelve Heads of Yuri, a group of gōzoku, or wealthy families, based in the Yuri District of Dewa who joined together in uprisings to resist the sengoku daimyō families in their region.

During the Eiroku era (1558 to 1570), Kyūshin launched surprise attacks against neighboring clans to capture their residences, including against the Toyomaki (members of the Andō family), the Shirane, the Hiraotori, and the Tanezawa clans.  This enabled him to take control of the entire area surrounding the Toshima township.

In 1570, there was no natural successor for the Minato-Andō, so the clan adopted Andō Shigesue from the Shimokuni (Hiyama) branch of the Andō to serve as the head of the Minato-Andō clan.  Shigesue served as a puppet for his older brother, Andō Chikasue (the head of the Hiyama-Andō) so he restricted trade within the Toshima territory.  Around this time, a messenger from Mount Haguro traveled around the Ouu region to distribute amulets from a Shintō shrine, but, owing to trade restrictions, Kyūshin stopped the messenger in his territory and demanded that he not distribute the amulets to Chikasue.  This upset Chikasue who then decided to deploy forces.  Finally, Kyūshin joined with 下刈 Ukyō, Kawajiri Nakatsukasa, and the Onodera and Tozawa clans of Senboku to launch a rebellion known as the Second Minato Disturbance.  With the assistance of Chikasue, the rebellion was suppressed after two years of conflict.

Thereafter, Kyūshin relied upon his father-in-law in the Nikaho clan to escape.  In 1579, he was pardoned of his crimes by Chikasue and returned to his position as the lord of Toshima Castle.  Thereafter, in the era of Shigeuji, the clan was destroyed by the Hanekawa clan, a band of bushi who were also one of the Twelve Heads of Yuri.