Toki Haruyori


Toki Clan


Hitachi Province

Lifespan:  Bunki 2 (1502) to 12/14 of Kōji 2 (1557)

Other Names:  Hara Haruyori, Edosaki Haruyori

Rank:  lord of Edosaki Castle

Clan:  Toki

Father:  Toki Masafusa

Siblings:  Yoritake, Yoriaki, Haruyori, Umedo Mitsutaka, Ibi Mitsuchika, Washizu MItsuatsu, Yorimitsu, Yoritaka, Mitsutake, sister (formal wife of Kagami Morimasa and mother of Kagami Motomine and Kagami Masayasu)

Children:  Haruhide, Okami Yorikatsu, Ama-no-Iwa (monk)

Toki Haruyori served as the lord of Edosaki Castle in Hitachi Province during the Sengoku period.

Haruyori was born as the third son of Toki Masafusa, the shugo, or military governor, of Mino Province.  His older brothers, Toki Yoritake and Toki Yoriaki, also served as military governors of Mino.

Initially, he adopted the name of Osu Saburō, but, upon demand of the Toki-Hara clan (Edosaki-Toki clan), during the Eishō era (1504 to 1521), he wed the adopted daughter of Hara Kagenari, the prior head of the clan, becoming an adopted son-in-law and inheriting the headship of the clan.

The Toki-Hara clan (Edosaki-Toki clan) was an illegitimate branch of the Hachiya family, members of the Toki clan.  Known simply as the Hara clan, the clan was based in the Hara township of the Tōyama manor in the Ena District of Mino.  Hara Hidenari obeyed Uesugi Norikata, the Kantō kanrei, or deputy shōgun of the Kantō, and traveled from the capital to the Kantō and, upon receiving a grant of landholdings in the Shida District of Hitachi Province, settled in this location.  Thereafter, the Hara clan aimed to distinguish themselves from the Hara clan of the adjacent Shimōsa Province (members of the Chiba clan) by calling themselves the Toki-Hara clan or the Edosaki-Toki clan.

On 5/17 of Meiō 6 (1497), upon the death of Hara Kagenari (the great-grandson of Hidenari), the absence of a designated successor caused chaos within the family and, during this time, Edosaki Castle was captured by the neighboring Oda clan.  As a result, the band of retainers of the Toki-Hara clan demanded Toki Masafusa, the head of the main branch of the family and military governor of Mino, to choose the next head of the clan.

After becoming the next head, Haruyori received support from Uesugi Norifusa, the deputy shōgun of the Kantō to re-capture his former territory and, during the Daiei era (1521 to 1528), recovered the sphere of influence existing under Kagenari.

In 1542, after his older brother, Toki Yoriaki (the military governor of Mino) lost his territory to Saitō Dōsan, Haruyori was requested to come from Hitachi to his aid.  Later, Yoriaki failed in his bid to recapture Mino and fled far away to Edosaki.  It is said that at this time, in 1543, he transferred the family genealogy and heirlooms to Haruyori although there are other theories in this regard.  Thereafter, Haruyori, as the head of the main branch of the clan, restored the family name to Toki and planned from southern Hitachi for a revival of the renowned Toki clan.  While continuing to battle against the Oda clan, he maintained an advantage, temporarily placing the Okami clan (who were aligned with the Oda) under his command.

After the Oda clan joined forces with the Gohōjō clan who were rapidly gaining influence in the Kantō, Haruyori’s alignment with the Uesugi clan placed him in an increasingly precarious position.  Meanwhile, the Satake clan were expanding southward from Hitachi Province.  In the midst of contending with these challenges, he died of illness.