Tamaki Naokazu


Tamaki Clan


Kii Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 15xx

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Vice Minister of Military Affairs

Clan:  Tamaki

Father:  Tamaki Moritatsu

Children:  Naganao

Tamaki Naokazu served as a bushō during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  He was the lord of Tedori Castle in Kii Province.

Naokazu was born as the son of Tamaki Moritatsu.  He held the title of Vice Minister of Military Affairs.

The Tamaki clan was founded by Tamaki Moritaka who sided with the Northern Court in the Genkō War that ran from 1331 to 1333 at the end of the Kamakura period.  Based at Tedori Castle, the Tamaki clan wielded influence in the Hidaka District of Kii.

Naokazu wed the daughter of Yukawa Naoharu who, around the time of Naokazu, held power in southern Kii.  This political marriage strengthened the position of the Tamaki.

In 1562, at the Battle of Kyōkō Temple, under the command of Hatakeyama Takamasa, Naokazu joined Yukawa Naomitsu, Suzuki Shigeoki, and the Saika and Negoro groups to fight against Miyoshi Nagayoshi, but was defeated.

In 1585, Naokazu indicated an intent to abide by the Conquest of Kishū by Hashiba Hideyoshi, but was then attacked by Yukawa Naoharu who declared opposition to Hideyoshi, resulting in the loss of Naokazu’s base at Tedori Castle.  After the conquest by Hideyoshi, Naokazu served Hideyoshi’s younger brother, Hidenaga, and Tedori Castle was returned.  Naokazu, however, resented a reduction to his landholdings.

Naokazu transferred headship of the clan to his son, Tamaki Naganao, and entered the priesthood on Mount Kōya.