Takeda Nobutomo


Takeda Clan


Suruga Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 3/7 of Tenshō 10 (1582)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Deputy Governor of Kōzuke

Other Names:  Rokurō, Nobumoto (?)

Lord:  Takeda Shingen → Takeda Katsuyori

Clan:  Suruga-Takeda (descended from Kai-Genji)

Father:  Takeda Nobutora

Mother:  Daughter of the Naitō clan

Siblings:  Takematsu, Shingen, Inuchiyo, Nobushige, Nobumoto (Nobutomo ?), Nobukado, Nobuaki, Ichijō Nobutatsu, Sōchi, Matsuo Nobukore, Kawakubo Nobuzane, Nobutomo, Katsutora, Jōkei-in, Nanshōin-dono (formal wife of Anayama Nobutada), Nene-goryōnin, Kekōin (wife of a member of the Urano clan), Kame-goryōnin (formal wife of Ōi Nobutame), sister (formal wife of Shimojō Nobuuji), sister (wife of Nezu Kamihira), sister (wife of a member of the Katsurayama clan), Kiku-goryōnin (wife of Imadegawa Harusue)

Takeda Nobutomo served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He was a member of the Kai-Takeda clan.

Nobutomo’s birth year is uncertain, but he is regarded as the eleventh child of Takeda Nobutora, a sengoku daimyō and the fifteenth head of the Takeda clan of Kai Province.  In the sixth month of 1541, his older brother, Harunobu (later known as Shingen), ousted their father, Nobutora, who sought refuge with Imagawa Yoshimoto of Suruga Province.  Harunobu then succeeded to the headship of the clan.  Nobutomo is surmised to have been born after these events and then raised by Nobutora in Suruga.  Based on genealogical records, there is a hypothesis that identifies him with an older brother named Takeda Nobumoto who died early, in which case he would have been an older brother of Takeda Nobukado born before the ouster of Nobutora to Suruga.

Under one theory, following his ouster to Suruga, Nobutora made Nobutomo his designated successor in place of Harunobu and, in fact, transferred headship of the clan to him, known as the Suruga-Takeda clan.  If Takeda Nobutomo was the same individual as Nobutomo, upon the ouster of Nobutora to Suruga, given the absence of an explanation as to why only Nobumoto accompanied Nobutora while Nobukado and other younger brothers were not taken to Suruga, he would have been born in 1542 after Nobutora went to Suruga and, in 1554, at the age of thirteen, produced his lineal heir, Takeda Nobutaka.

From the era of Nobutora, the Takeda and Imagawa clans had familial relations, but in the era of Shingen, these ties were strengthened by the formation of a three-party alliance between the Takeda of Kai, the Hōjō of Sagami, and the Imagawa of Suruga.  Nobutomo did not go to Kai, instead remaining in Nobutora’s place of exile in Suruga and joining the band of retainers of the Imagawa family.  Nobutomo served Imagawa Yoshimoto and Imagawa Ujizane.  In 1560, after Yoshimoto was killed in an assault by the Oda army at the Battle of Okehazama, the diplomatic policies of the Takeda turned a focus on advancing to the south.  Nobutomo, together with Katsurayama Ujimoto and Sena Nobuzane, was responsible for keeping his older brother, Shingen, appraised of internal developments in the Imagawa clan.  Eventually, after Nobutora was ousted from Suruga by Imagawa Ujizane, Nobutomo headed toward Kai to seek support from his older brother and in the twelfth month of 1568, acted in concert with the Takeda for the Invasion of Suruga.  Beginning in 1570, he called himself Kōzuke-no-suke.

Nobutomo was assigned as the lord of Sunpu Castle from which to govern Suruga for the Takeda clan.  After the death of Shingen in 1573, he served Takeda Katsuyori and retired after the Battle of Nagashino in 1575.  The Conquest of Kōshū led by Oda Nobunaga commenced in the second month of 1582.  Following the occupation of Kōfu by Nobunaga’s lineal heir, Oda Nobutada, Nobutomo was apprehended and, on 3/7, executed on the riverbed of the Ai River.

Takeda Nobuaki, a member of the Awa-Takeda clan, adopted the name of Takeda Kōzuke-no-suke.  There is a legend that he was born as a son of Nobutora after Nobutora’s ouster to Suruga.  Consequently, there is a theory that this may be the same individual as Nobutomo.