Takeda Nobutaka


Takeda Clan


Suruga Province

Lifespan:  Tenbun 23 (1554) (?) to 3/24 of Tenshō 10 (1582)

Other Names:  Nobumitsu, Nobunori, Katsuchiyo

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Assistant Captain of Outer Palace Guards of the Left Division

Clan:  Takeda (descended from the Kai-Genji)

Lord:  Takeda Shingen → Takeda Katsuyori

Father:  Takeda Nobutomo

Mother:  Daughter of Sena Ujitoshi

Wife: [Formal] Younger sister of Mishuku Tomotsuna

Takeda Nobutaka served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.

Nobutaka was born as the son of Takeda Nobutomo.  He was a nephew of Takeda Shingen.  According to genealogical records of the Takeda-Genji, his formal wife was the younger sister of Mishuku Tomotsuna.  Similarly, Oyamada Nobushige, the landlord of the Gunnai territory in Kai was married to a younger sister of Tomotsuna.  Therefore, Nobutaka and Nobushige were brother-in-laws of one another.

He is surmised to have been born in 1554, but there is also a theory that he was the son of Nobutomo’s older brother, Takeda Nobumoto.  When his grandfather, Takeda Nobutora, was ousted from Kai to Suruga in 1541, on the premise that it is unlikely a son accompanied him, Nobutomo may have produced a son, Nobutaka, at the age of thirteen.

Nobutaka served Takeda Katsuyori including in the capacity as the chamberlain of Sunpu Castle in Suruga.

The Conquest of Kōshū led by Oda Nobunaga commenced in the second month of 1582.  At this time, Tokugawa Ieyasu invaded Suruga so Nobutaka abandoned Sunpu Castle and fled to Kai.  In the third month, Katsuyori fled Shinpu Castle for the protection of the Oyamada clan who served as the landlord of the Gunnai territory.  Nobushige, however, defected from Katsuyori and eliminated him.  According to the Kōyō-gunkan, Katsuyori and his party waited for Nobushige to welcome them at Tsuruse at the entrance to the Gunnai territory, but Nobushige blocked the entrance and after posturing to receive Katsuyori from a wooden gate, fired upon the party with arquebuses from another entrance.  At this time, Nobutaka and Nobushige’s cousin, Oyamada Yukimura (Hachizaemon), let go Nobushige’s hostages to the Gunnai territory

After the demise of Katsuyori, Nobutaka, together with Oyamada Nobushige, met with Oda Nobutada but were subsequently executed at the Kai-Zenkō Temple in Kōfu.