Takatō Yorimune「高遠頼宗」


Shinano Province

Takatō Clan

Lifespan:  Unknown to ninth month of Tenbun 11 (1542)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Takatō

Father:  Takatō Mitsutsugu

Siblings:  Yoritsugu, Yorimune

Takatō Yorimune served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.

Yorimune was born as the son of Takatō Mitsutsugu and was the younger brother of Takatō Yoritsugu, the lord of Takatō Castle in the Ina District of Shinano Province.

Yorimune came from the kunishū, or class of local families of influence who served as jizamurai or farming families of means, in Shinano Province.  He was the lord of Takatō Castle in the Ina District.

In the Sengoku period, the Takeda (who served as the military governors of Kai Province) entered into an alliance with the Suwa clan of the Suwa District in Shinano.  However, in the sixth month of 1542, after Takeda Harunobu (Shingen) became the head of the clan, Harunobu committed to the invasion of Shinano, after which he rejected the alliance and invaded the Suwa District.  On 7/2 of 1542, Yoritsugu joined the invasion of Suwa by the Takeda and attacked Suwa Yorishige at his base at Uehara Castle.  On 7/5, after Yorishige surrendered to the Takeda, he was taken to Kōfu and incarcerated, after which, on 7/21, he and his younger brother, Yoritaka, killed themselves.

The former landholdings of the Suwa were divided so that Yoritsugu controlled the territory to the west of the Miya River while the Takeda controlled the territory to the east.  However, Yoritsugu desired to govern all of the former Suwa territory, so, in the ninth month, together with Fujisawa Yorichika (the lord of Fukuyo Castle in the Ina District), he invaded the territory controlled by the Takeda who backed the orphan of Suwa Yorishige named Chōkyū.  On 9/25 of 1542, Yoritsugu suffered an overwhelming defeat against the Takeda at the Battle of Miyagawa and retreated from the Suwa District.  Yorimune died in this conflict while Yoritsugu fled to Takatō Castle.