Shishido Kageyoshi


Shishido Clan


Suō Province

Lifespan:  Genki 3 (1572) (?) to Genna 8 (1622) or Kanei 10 (1633)

Other Names:  Zenzaemon

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Shishido

Lord:  Mōri Terumoto → Mōri Hidenari

Father:  Shishido Motohide

Siblings:  Mototsugu, Naitō Motomori, Motozane, Kuriya Takaharu, Kageyoshi, Motoyoshi, sister (wife of Mizawa Tametora), Komahime (wife of Kobayakawa Hideaki, and, later, wife of Junson)

Wife:  Daughter of Murakami Kagechika

Children:  Motozane, Motoyori, Yoshiharu, Motokatsu

Shishido Kageyoshi served as a bushō during the Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  He was a retainer of the Mōri clan and member of the Shishido clan of Aki Province.

The Shishido clan originated from the lineage of Fujiwara no Michikane, a noble of the Fujiwara-Hokke from the middle Heian period, and was founded by Hatta Tomoie, a bushō from the late Heian and early Kamakura periods.

Kageyoshi was born as the son of Shishido Motohide, a member of the Mōri clan, the sengoku daimyo of Aki Province.  He may have been an illegitimate child.

In 1600, at the Battle of Sekigahara, together with Murakami Takeyoshi and Murakami Motoyoshi, Kageyoshi formed the nucleus of an army to cross the Seto Inland Sea and invade the territory of Katō Yoshiakira in Iyo Province in Shikoku.  Owing to a surprise counterattack by Tsukuda Kazunari who was on guard in the absence of Yoshiakira, the invading forces were defeated in a clash known as the Nighttime Attack at Mitsuhama.

As an outcome of the Battle of Sekigahara, when the Mōri clan were transferred to Suō and Nagato provinces with a fief of 360,000 koku, Kageyoshi followed.  In 1605, during a disturbance within the Mōri family related to the construction of Hagi Castle in Suō, an event known as the Gorōta Incident, Kageyoshi joined Shishido Masayoshi and Yanagisawa Kagesuke to mediate for Kumagai Motonao and Masuda Motonaga.  He acquired landholdings in the village of Osaba in the Yoshiki District of Suō where he retired and eventually died.

Later, his direct descendants left the Mōri clan to serve the Itō family of the Hikone domain based at Hikone Castle in northern Ōmi Province.

There is a theory that Kageyoshi was the same individual as Kōno Michinori, the nominal head of the Iyo-Kōno family after their fall from power, but, in genealogical records of the Shishido family, there are no records of a connection between these two individuals.  According to the records of the Kageyoshi Temple that is the family temple in Yamaguchi, he died at the age of fifty-one but he may otherwise have died in 1633.