Shimizu Yoshitaka


Shimizu Clan


Dewa Province

Lifespan:  Unknown to 6/2 of Eiroku 8 (1565)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Dewa-Shimizu (an illegitimate branch of the Mogami and offshoot of the Narusawa)

Lord:  Mogami clan

Children:  Yoshiuji

Shimizu Yoshitaka served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  Yoshitaka was the fifth head of the Dewa-Shimizu clan.  Yoshitaka served as the lord of Shimizu Castle in the Mogami District of Dewa Province.

The Dewa-Shimizu were an illegitimate branch of the Mogami and offshoot of the Narusawa family.  The Mogami were members of the Shiba clan who, in turn, were affiliated with the Ashikaga clan descended from the Seiwa-Genji. Yoshitaka governed Shimizu which was a base for water transport on the Mogami River.  He was subject to frequent attacks by Mutō forces aiming to advance into inland areas.

In 1565, at the Battle of Motoaikai, Yoshitaka fought against Daihōji Yoshimasu, the lord of Oura Castle affiliated with the Mutō clan, but was killed in action en route to a defeat for his side of the conflict.

Yoshitaka was succeeded by his son, Shimizu Yoshiuji.