Shimazu Tadanao


Shimazu Clan


Satsuma Province

Lifespan:  Tenshō 2 (1574) to 5/29 of Genna 7 (1621)

Other Names:  鎌徳丸 (childhood), Matahachirō, Genshichirō (common), Tōgō Shigetora, Shimazu Tadanao

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Shimazu

Lord:  Shimazu Yoshihiro → Shimazu Iehisa

Father:  Shimazu Iehisa

Mother:  Daughter of Kabayama Yoshihisa

Father-in-Law:  Tōgō Shigehisa

Siblings:  Toyohisa, Tadanao, sister (wife of Nejime Shigehira), sister (wife of Sata Hisayoshi), sister (wife of Shimazu Hisanobu, Sagara Yoshiyasu)

Wife:  Daughter of Uwai Satokane, daughter of Hidaka clan

Children:  Daughter (wife of Kiire Tadanaga), Tadamasa, Tōgō Shigetsune, Tōgō Shigeyori

Adopted Children:  忠栄

Shimazu Tadanao served as a bushō during the Azuchi-Momoyama and early Edo periods.  He was a member of an illegitimate branch of the Shimazu clan of Satsuma Province.  After an being adopted, he had the surname of Tōgō and, later, reverted to Shimazu.

Tadanao was born as the second son of Shimazu Iehisa (the fourth son of Shimazu Takahisa).  On 2/3 of Tenshō 5 (1577), Tadanao was adopted by Tōgō Shigehisa and took the name of Tōgō Shigetora.

In 1580, during a deployment to Minamata, at the young age of seven, Tadanao joined his father, Iehisa, on his first deployment for battle.  In 1587, Toyotomi Hideyoshi launched the Subjugation of Kyūshū and, after the fall of Taka Castle, Tadanao retreated to the territory of the Shimazu.  Around this time, his father-in-law, Shimazu Shigehisa, died of illness.  Tadanao was still in his youth so he returned to his father’s land at Sadowara in Hyūga Province to hole-up in a castle with retainers.

In 1592, Tadanao followed his older brother, Shimazu Toyohisa, to serve in the Bunroku Campaign on the Korean Peninsula.  Upon orders of Shimazu Yoshihiro, he changed from the Tōgō surname to Shimazu, adopting the name of Shimazu Tadanao.  During the deployment, after falling ill, he returned to Sadowara.  In 1600, at the Battle of Sekigahara, his older brother, Toyohisa, was killed in action.  Toyohisa did not have a lineal heir so, in 1604, orders were given for Tadanao to inherit Toyohisa’s landholdings, but, owing to frail health, he received Shimazu Tadanaga, a son of Kiire Tadatsugu (Tadanao’s son-in-law) to inherit the former landholdings of Toyohisa and Tadanao retired to the village of 三躰堂 in Ōsumi Province with a fief of 1,000 koku.

In 1621, Tadanao died of illness.  Tadanao was succeeded by his lineal heir, Tadamasa, but, in 1632, Tadamasa petitioned to drop the Shimazu surname.  The following year, he reverted to the Tōgō surname, adopting the name of Tōgō Masashige.  Tadamasa was subsequently adopted by Kabayama Hisanao and took the name of Kabayama Hisahiro.  He was succeeded by his second son, Shigetsune.  Shigetsune and Tadanao’s third son, Shigeyori, reverted to the Tōgō surname.  Shigeyori’s son, Genshirō-Tadatoki, adopted the surname of the Honjō clan.