Shiga Chikamori


Shiga Clan


Bungo Province

Lifespan:  15xx to Unknown

Other Names:  Chikayasu, Ise Nyūdō, Kawachi Nyūdō, 道珠, 道輝 (monk’s name)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Assistant Vice Minister of the Military, Assistant Vice Minister of Popular Affairs, Governor of Awa 

Clan:  Shiga

Lord: Ōtomo Yoshiaki → Ōtomo Yoshishige (Sōrin) → Ōtomo Yoshimune

Father:  Shiga Chikamasu

Children:  Chikanori, Kiyota Shigenori, Chikanari, Chikatsugu, daughter (wife of Bekki Shigetsura), daughter (wife of Yoshihiro Muneyuki)

Shiga Chikamori served as a bushō during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  He was a retainer of the Ōtomo clan of Bungo Province.

The Shiga were one of three families (along with the Tawara and the Takuma) providing instrumental support to the Ōtomo clan.  The Kita-Shiga family served as the head of the Nangun group (southern districts of Bungo).

Chikamori was born as the son of Shiga Chikamasu.

In 1550, after an incident that resulted in the death of Ōtomo Yoshiaki (a sengoku daimyō and the twentieth head of the Ōtomo clan) known as the Collapse on the Second Floor, Chikamori supported efforts for the succession of Ōtomo Sōrin (Yoshishige).  As Yoshiaki’s eldest son, Sōrin would naturally have inherited the headship of the clan, but, owing to enmity between the two of them, Yoshiaki had favored a younger son, Ōtomo Shioichimaru, who also perished in the attack on their residence.

In 1552, Chikamori transferred headship of the Shiga clan to his son, Shiga Chikanori, and retired early, but as a member of a senior council of the Ōtomo known as the kahanshū, Chikamori continued to serve as a close associate of Sōrin and his son, Ōtomo Yoshimune.  Later, after Chikanori came into conflict with Yoshimune and was demoted, Chikamori and Chikanori faced the risk of being killed, but were spared through the intervention of Sōrin.

In 1578, at the Battle of Mimikawa, Chikamori deployed to Higo Province, but he opposed the decision to engage in this battle against the Shimazu so did not actively attempt to maneuver his forces.

In 1586, after the Shimazu of Satsuma Province invaded Bungo (known as the Hōsatsu War), Chikamori and Sōrin holed-up in Usuki Castle to resist the invasion.  Chikamori, however, colluded through Nyūta Yoshizane with the Shimazu, whereupon Chikanori, along with the Nyūta and Minami-Shiga families, allied with the Shimazu clan and assaulted Oka Castle defended by Chikamori’s grandson, Shiga Chikatsugu.  After the defeat of the Shimazu, Chikanori was punished but Chikamori, who did not openly resist, avoided censure and served as a guardian for Chikatsugu.  He also participated in the funeral for Sōrin and served as a close associate of Yoshimune.  During the Bunroku-Keichō Campaign, he remained behind to guard the territory of the Ōtomo in Bungo.

Based on a letter sent by Sōrin to Yoshimune in 1584 or 1585, Sōrin dispatched Chikamori to the village of Ume but, after a while, Chikamori left his post.  There is a record that this owed to a love affair which was a problem at a pivotal time for the survival of the Ōtomo family.