Shibukawa Tadashige


Shibukawa Clan


Hizen Province

Lifespan:  Unknown to Tenbun 3 (1534) (?)

Name Changes:  Toneōmaru → Tadashige

Other Names:  Shibukawa Toneōmaru

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Assistant Captain of Imperial Guards of the Right Division

Clan:  Shibukawa

Bakufu:  Muromachi – Kyūshū tandai, military governor of Hizen

Lord:  Ashikaga shōgun family

Father:  Shibukawa Norinao

Siblings:  Masazane, Manjumaru, Tadashige, Kazukore

Children:  Yoshinaga, Yoshitaka (?), Takaaki (?)

Shibukawa Tadashige served as a bushō from the late-Muromachi to Sengoku periods.  Tadashige was the Kyūshū tandai, or Commissioner of Kyūshū.

Tadashige was born as the son of Shibukawa Norinao, a bushō and Kyūshū tandai prior to Tadashige.

In 1487, Tadashige became the head of the Shibukawa clan after his older brother, Shibukawa Manjumaru, was betrayed and murdered by a retainer at Kameo Castle in Chikuzen Province.

In 1489, Tadashige was attacked by Shōni Takatsune (the lineal heir of Shōni Masasuke) at the Ayabe mansion serving as the base of the military governor in Hizen Province.  At this time, he fled to Inuzuka Castle in Chikugo Province.  In 1491, he was subsequently ousted from Inuzuka Castle by Takatsune’s father-in-law, Ōtomo Masachika, and went to Katsuno-o Castle so that the Shibukawa clan was on the verge of elimination.  In the midst of these difficulties, the Shibukawa turned for support to the Ōuchi clan, the most prominent clan in the western provinces.

In 1496, he referred to himself as the military governor of Hizen and, in 1497, with the cooperation of Ōuchi Yoshioki, compelled Shōni Masasuke and Takatsune (father and son) to take their own lives, enabling the survival of the Shibukawa clan.  In 1500, Tadashige met with Ashikaga Yoshitada (later known as Ashikaga Yoshitane), the prior shōgun who sought refuge with the Ōuchi clan.  He then received one of the characters from the name of Yoshitada and adopted the name of Tadashige and was officially appointed by Yoshitada as the Kyūshū-tandai.  Thereafter, he returned to the base of the military governor in Ayabe in the Yabu District of Hizen.

In 1504, Tadashige was ousted by Shōni Sukemoto (the third son of Shōni Masasuke) from the base of the military governor and the ancillary bases known as Ayabe Castle and Hyakkōzan Castle.  Tadashige then transferred the role as the Kyūshū tandai to his son, Shibukawa Yoshinaga.  His movements thereafter are uncertain but it is noted that he later colluded with the Shōni so, in 1534, was attacked by the Ōuchi army and took his own life at the Ayabe mansion.