Sena Ujitoshi


Sena Clan


Tōtōmi Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 15xx

Other Names:  Sadatsuna, Gengorō

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Junior Fifth Rank (Lower), Governor of Iyo, Assistant Captain of Outer Palace Guards of the Right Division or Assistant Captain of Outer Palace Guards of the Left Division

Clan:  Sena (descended from the Imagawa clan of the Ashikaga branch of the Seiwa-Genji)

Father:  Sena Ujisada

Mother:  Daughter of Horikoshi Sadamoto

Siblings:  Ujitoshi, Yoshihiro (Sekiguchi Chikanaga), Ujitsugu

Wife:  Daughter of Imagawa Ujichika

Children:  Toraōmaru, Nobuteru (Ujiakira, Ujinori), son (monk)

Sena Ujitoshi served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He served as the head of the Sena clan descended from the Tōtōmi-Imagawa clan.  Ujitoshi served the Suruga-Imagawa clan.

In genealogical records, he is listed as Ujitoshi.  He was born as the son of Sena Ujisada and his mother was the daughter of Horikoshi Sadamoto.

Around 1538, disquieting actions raised suspicion by Imagawa Yoshimoto and his landholdings were seized.  There is a theory that, during the Katō War (a conflict between the Imagawa of Suruga Province and the Hōjō of Sagami Province from 1537 to 1545), Ujitoshi colluded with Hōjō Ujitsuna but the details are uncertain.

On 5/19 of Eiroku 3 (1560), at the Battle of Okehazama, Ujitoshi served as a scout in an advance party to the main division of the Imagawa army and joined in setting-up the encampment for the main division in Okehazama.  He went ahead to Ōdaka Castle so did not directly engage in the hostilities during the attack on the main division by the Oda army.

According to genealogical records, Ujitoshi (Sadatsuna) had three sons and one daughter.  His eldest son, Toraōmaru, died early.  His second son is identified as Sena Nobuteru (Ujiakira or Ujinori).  After Ujitoshi’s demise in 1568, Nobuteru became a rōnin, or wandering samurai, and died on 4/10 of Genna 2 (1616).  This is four days apart from the date of death of Nobuteru’s son, Sena Masakatsu, who became a hatamoto, or direct retainer, of the Tokugawa family in the Edo period.  His third son became a monk while his daughter was the wife of Miura Kazusa-no-suke.