Sechika Kura-no-suke


Sechika Clan


Bingo Province

Lifespan:  Unknown

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Sechika

Lord:  Kobayakawa clan

Father:  Nakahara Zenzaemon (?)

Mother:  Nobuyoshi

Sechika Kura-no-suke served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  Kura-no-suke was a retainer of the Kobayakawa clan – a kokujin, or landowner, in Aki Province.

Kura-no-suke was the son of Nakahara Zenzaemon and affiliated with the Kobayakawa clan.  He owned territory in Sechika and Hagura in Bingo Province and adopted the surname of Sechika from this location.

Another kokujin in Aki, the Hiraga clan, endured frequent internal conflict between Hiraga Hiroyasu (the head of the clan) and his eldest son (Hiraga Okisada).  In the eighth month of 1536, Mōri Motonari allied himself with Hiroyasu and his second son, Irino Sadakage, and attacked Okisada’s base at Kashirazaki Castle in Aki.  Kura-no-suke participated in this battle and, through the agency of the Nomi clan, received praise from Motonari.  Thereafter, Kura-no-suke’s movements are unknown.  He was succeeded by his son, Sechika Nobuyoshi.