Sagae Tamehiro


Sagae Clan


Dewa Province

Lifespan:  14xx to 9/8 of Bunmei 18 (1486)

Other Names:  Tameyoshi

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Junior Fifth Rank (Lower), Assistant Captain of Outer Palace Guards of the Right Division

Clan:  Sagae (descended from Ōe no Chikahiro)

Bakufu:  Muromachi

Father:  Sagae Mototaka

Siblings:  Takashige, Tamehiro, Takamitsu

Children:  Tomohiro, Yukimichi

Sagae Tamehiro served as a bushō from the late Muromachi to Sengoku periods.  Tamehiro was the twelfth head of the Sagae clan and served as the fifth lord of Sagae Castle in the Sagae manor of the Murayama District of Dewa Province.

Tamehiro was born as the second son of Sagae Mototaka, but, owing to the death of his eldest brother, Sagae Takashige, he inherited the headship of the clan.  The year of Takashige’s death is uncertain so the year in which Tamehiro became the head of the clan is also unknown.  In 1413, he rebuilt the main hall of the Ōnuma-Daigyō Temple.

From 1467 to 1472, the Date clan attacked the Kokubun clan on three occasions and then settled.  During this conflict, Shiraiwa Mitsuyoshi from an illegitimate branch of the Sagae supported the Kokubun clan.

In the winter of 1479, Date Shigemune, the twelfth head of the Date clan, ordered Koori (Harima-no-kami) Muneyoshi to attack Tamehiro’s base at Sagae Castle.  The Sagae and Aterazawa clans were engaged in a separate dispute so the Mizonobe clan mediated a settlement evidenced by written pledges sealed in blood in the hall of the Maitreya (Bodhisattva) at the Jion Temple in Sagae.  Owing to the accumulation of snowfall, Muneyoshi could not maneuver his troops as desired and, without fighting, withdrew his forces.

In the spring of 1480, after Muneyoshi launched another attack, the Sagae clan enticed them to Shōbunuma whereupon soldiers from the Mizonobe and Aterazawa clans ambushed them, causing the collapse of the Date forces.  After sustaining several injuries, Muneyoshi gave-up attempts to flee and took his own life by stabbing his chest with a long sword.  This event is known as the Battle of Shōbunuma.

Koori Munetoshi, Muneyoshi’s son and designated heir, appealed to Mogami Mitsuuji to construct the Kooriyama-Matsuzō sub-temple in a mountainous area near the Jion Temple to worship Muneyoshi and serve as the family temple.  The Sagae clan, under the command of the Mogami clan, acquired a degree of autonomy but also strengthened their familial ties to the Mogami through marriage.

On 9/8 of Bunmei 18 (1486), he died and was succeeded by his eldest son, Sagae Chikahiro.