Okabe Hisatsuna


Okabe Clan


Suruga Province

Lifespan:  Unknown to Tenbun 17 (1547)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Governor of Mino

Clan:  Okabe (descended from the Kudō clan of the Fujiwara-Nanke)

Lord:  Imagawa Yoshimoto

Siblings:  Hisatsuna, Sadatsuna

Children:  Masatsuna, Nagaaki, Naganori, daughter (formal wife of Itami Yasunao)

Okabe Hisatsuna served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He was a retainer of the Imagawa clan of Suruga Province.  After entering the priesthood, he adopted the Buddhist name of Jōkei.  He held the title of Governor of Mino.

In the sixth month of 1541, upon orders of Imagawa Yoshimoto (a sengoku daimyō and the eleventh head of the Imagawa clan), Hisatsuna and Taigen Sessai were dispatched to Kōfu and engaged in negotiations with respect to the retirement of Takeda Nobutora.