Oda Toshihiro


Oda Clan


Owari Province

Lifespan:  14xx to Bunmei 13 (1481) (third month ?)

Other Names:  Yojirō (common)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Assistant Director of the Bureau of Military Storehouses, Governor of Ise

Bakufu:  Muromachi – deputy military governor of the upper four districts of Owari

Clan:  Iwakura-Oda (Ise-no-kami branch)

Lord:  Shiba Yoshitake → Shiba Yoshitoshi → Shiba Yoshihiro → Shiba Yoshikado → Shiba Yoshitoshi

Father:  Oda Satohiro

Siblings:  Toshihiro, Hirochika, 広遠

Wife:  Daughter of Saitō Myōchin

Children:  Hirotaka

Adopted Children:  Tōhiro

Oda Toshihiro served as a bushō during the late Muromachi and early Sengoku periods.  He was a retainer of the Shiba clan who served as the deputy military governors of the Muromachi bakufu.  Toshihiro was the deputy military governor of the upper four districts of Owari Province and the founder of the Oda Ise-no-kami family (the Iwakura-Oda clan).

Toshihiro was a member of the Oda clan serving on behalf of the Shiba.  Toshihiro’s family served as hereditary deputy military governors of Owari and stood as the head family of the Oda clan.

In 1441, Toshihiro’s father and prior deputy military governor, Oda Satohiro, absconded after acts of embezzlement on his lands and those of local temples and shrines.  Around 1442, Satohiro is surmised to have been replaced as the deputy military governor of Owari by Oda Hisahiro (or possibly by Toshihiro).  Through the intervention of Imamari-no-tsubone, the wet nurse of Ashikaga Yoshimasa (the eighth shōgun of the Muromachi bakufu), Satohiro attempted to reclaim his position.  Around 1451, upon orders of his lords, the Shiba clan, Toshihiro cornered Satohiro in Echizen Province, compelling him to take his own life.

In 1466, Yamana Nyūdō, the fiancé of Toshihiro’s daughter, urged Toshihiro and his younger brother, Oda Hirochika, to travel to the capital of Kyōto.

In 1467, upon the outbreak of the Ōnin-Bunmei War, Toshihiro and Shiba Yoshikado (the deputy shōgun and military governor of Owari) joined the Western Army in opposition to Oda Toshisada, the head  of the Oda Yamato-no-kami family (a cadet family) affiliated with the Eastern Army backing Shiba Yoshitoshi.

In the eleventh month of 1475, Toshihiro and his lord, Yoshikado, departed from the capital to return to Owari whereupon they entered Orizu Castle, the main base of the military governor, in the Nakashima District.  Around this time, Toshihiro is surmised to have become the deputy military governor of Owari.  In 1476, with the support of his father-in-law, Saitō Myōchin of Mino Province, Toshihiro fought against the branch of the Oda based at Kiyosu Castle, but was defeated.  After the fall of Orizu Castle, Toshihiro fled to the Kōnomiya Shrine in the Yamada District.  Later, however, Toshihiro rolled-back the gains of his adversaries and temporarily ousted the forces of the Yamato-no-kami family from Owari.

In 1478, the Muromachi bakufu displaced Toshihiro and appointed Oda Toshisada as the new deputy military governor of Owari.  Together with Shiba Yoshikado, Toshiro, as the lineal descendant of the Oda clan, was treated as an outlaw.  On 10/12 of Bunmei 10 (1478), after coming from the capital to Owari, Toshisada forcibly took away Toshihiro’s base at Kiyosu Castle which had been newly created to serve as the residence of the military governor in the Kasugai District of Owari.  In the twelfth month, once again, Toshihiro received backing from Saitō Mōchin in a bid to recapture Kiyosu Castle.  Toshihiro’s men surrounded the castle and fought against Toshisada, but, after multiple interventions by the bakufu, he relinquished and settled with his adversaries.  This resulted in the subdivision of Owari whereby Toshihiro received official recognition of his rights to the Haguri and Niwa districts, a majority of the Yamada district (later divided and folded into the Kasugai and Nakashima districts), the Kasugai and Kaisai districts, and the Aichi district excluding Nagoya.  Thereafter, the Ise-no-kami and Yamato-no-kami branches engaged in joint governance of the province.  Later, Toshihiro became the deputy military governor of the upper four districts of Owari comprised of Kasugai, Niwa, Haguri, and Nakashima.

In 1479, Toshihiro built Iwakura Castle in the Niwa District near Mino to serve as his residence.  In the third month of 1481, the temporary peace with the Yamato-no-kami branch disintegrated.  After fighting against those based in Kiyosu Castle, he died of illness.  (Under another theory, he died in battle prior to the third month).  The headship of the clan was inherited by his nephew, Chiyo-yashamaru (Oda Tōhiro – the son of Toshihiro’s younger brother, Hirochika) and the family continued thereafter as the Iwakura-Oda clan.