Matsumoto Ujisuke


Matsumoto Clan

Mutsu Province

Matsumoto Ujisuke and Son

Lifespan:  15xx to 15xx

Other Names:  Zusho-no-suke, Zusho, Kageyu, Ukyō-no-jō, Ujioki, Munesuke

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Matsumoto

Lord:  Ashina Moriuji

Father:  Matsumoto Kiyosuke

Children:  Yukisuke (Tarō)

Matsumoto Ujisuke served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He was a senior retainer of the Ashina clan.  Ujisuke served as the lord of Funaoka Castle in the Ōnuma District of Mutsu Province.  He is known as one of the Four Divine Elders of the Ashina.

The Matsumoto originated from the Seiwa-Genji and Ina clan in Suwa in Shinano Province.  During the Nanbokuchō period, the Matsumoto became servants of the Ashina clan and served as leaders of the Four Divine Elders of the Ashina.

Rebellions and purges

Over a period of decades, the heads of the Matsumoto clan frequently rebelled against the Ashina clan and were purged as the family was beset by instability.

In 1492, Matsumoto Tōemon rebelled against Ashina Moritaka.

On 11/19 of Meiō 4 (1495), Matsumoto Suketoyo (Bizen-no-kami) rebelled against Moritaka and, together with Itō Minbu, was slayed.

In 1498, Matsumoto Suketada (Uma-no-jō) rebelled against Moritaka.  For their liability, Matsumoto Buzen-no-kami was killed on 5/26 and Matsumoto 輔任 on 5/27.

In the first month of Meiō 9 (1500), Moritaka killed Matsumoto Sukemasa (Tajima-no-kami).

In 1505, the Matsumoto clan enticed Ashina Morishige to launch the Aizu Rebellion.

In 1521, Matsumoto Daigaku and Matsumoto Tōzaemon (siblings) rebelled against Ashina Morikiyo and, together with members of the Inawashiro clan, attacked Kurokawa Castle.

In 1540, Matsumoto Sukemitsu (Izu-no-kami) from an illegitimate branch of the clan was murdered at the Suwa Shrine.

In 1555, Matsumoto Sukeatsu (Yoemon) and Kohiyama Morinaga rebelled and were killed.


Ujisuke was born as the son of Matsumoto Kiyosuke, a retainer of the Ashina clan, a sengoku daimyō of Mutsu Province.  Ujisuke received one of the characters in his name from his lord, Ashina Moriuji, and adopted the name of Ujisuke.

Until the era of his father, Kiyosuke, the family governed Iwaya Castle but, around 1558, the castle fell in an attack by Yamauchi Toshimasa and Yokota Toshinori (siblings).  In 1538, a fire below Kurokawa Castle burned down the residence.

Owing to his residence in Funaoka Castle in the Ōnuma District, he is surmised to have served the Ashina clan but there are almost no accounts of him so details are unknown.

On 1/10 of Eiroku 9 (1566), he submitted a jointly signed pledge to Makino Hisanaka, Hamada Munekage, and Nakano Munetoki.

On 5/13 of Tenshō 2 (1574), he fought against Tamura Kiyoaki in Fukuhara in the Asaka District of Mutsu and was killed in action.


Ujisuke is understood to have rebuilt the Matsuzawa Temple (of the Sōtō sect) in the town of Aizumisato in the Ōnuma District of Fukushima Prefecture where there is kept a portrait of Ujisuke and his son.