Makabe Yoshimoto


Makabe Clan


Hitachi Province

Lifespan:  5/18 of Tenbun 21 (1552) to 6/21 of Kanei 7 (1630)

Other Names:  Shikibu-no-tayū (informal)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Makabe

Lord:  Satake clan

Father:  Makabe Hisamoto

Siblings:  Ujimoto, Yoshimoto, sister (wife of Kajiwara Masakage), sister (wife of Daijō Kiyomoto)

Children:  Fusamoto, Shigemoto

Makabe Yoshimoto served as a bushō during the Azuchi-Momoyama and early Edo periods.  He was a retainer of the Satake clan of Hitachi Province.

In 1552, Yoshimoto was born as the second son of Makabe Hisamoto.  When Hisamoto submitted to Satake Yoshiaki, a coming-of age ceremony was held for Yoshimoto during which he received one of the characters from the name of Yoshiaki.  In the tenth month of 1569, Yoshimoto participated in the Battle of Tebaizaka against the rival Oda clan led by Oda Ujiharu, a sengoku daimyō.  He was then permitted to use the title of Shikibu-no-tayū, or Vice Minister of Education and Investitures.  Later, Yoshimoto was granted landholdings in the Tsukuba District of Hitachi and resided separately from his older brother.  Yoshimoto’s older brother, Makabe Ujimoto, did not have an heir so adopted Yoshimoto’s eldest son, Makabe Fusamoto, as his designated heir.  Yoshimoto transferred headship of his branch of the family to his second son, Makabe Shigemoto, but, later, Ujimoto and Fusamoto died, so Shigemoto became the twentieth head of the main branch of the Makabe clan.  Yoshimoto followed the Satake upon their transfer to Kakunodate in Dewa Province and died there.