Kusakabe Muneyoshi


Kusakabe Clan


Lifespan:  Tenshō 2 (1574) to seventh month of Kanei 10 (1633)

Other Names:  Gorōhachi (common)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Junior Fifth Rank (Lower) and Governo of Ōsumi

Clan:  Kusakabe

Bakufu:  Edo:  Inspector → construction supervisor → guard of Edo Castle

Lord:  Tokugawa Ieyasu → Tokugawa Hidetada

Father:  Kusakabe Sadayoshi

Mother:  Daughter of Nishimura Hisayoshi

Siblings:  Muneyoshi, Sadakatsu, Masafuyu, Hayakawa Yoshikatsu, Kagehisa, sister (wife of a member of the Mamiya clan), sister (wife of Toshima Tadatsugu)

Wife: [Formal] Daughter of Naruse Masakazu

Children:  Munemasa

Kusakabe Muneyoshi served as a bushō from the Sengoku to early Edo periods.  He was a retainer of the Tokugawa clan.

In 1574, Muneyoshi was born as the eldest son of Kusakabe Sadayoshi.

Muneyoshi followed Tokugawa Ieyasu, serving meritoriously in numerous battles.  At the Siege of Ōsaka, he served as a metsuke, or inspector.  Muneyoshi then served as a magistrate in the role of a construction supervisor for the renovation of various castles.  Later, he was assigned to guard Edo Castle and received a stipend of 300 koku.

On 2/26 of Kanei 10 (1633), he resigned and, as income for his retirement, his lineal heir, Kusakabe Munemasa, received a stipend of 400 koku.

Muneyoshi died in the seventh month of 1633.