Kōshi Chikatame


Kōshi Clan


Higo Province

Lifespan:  15xx to Tenshō 13 (1585)

Other Names:  Chikakata (childhood), Senton (monk’s name)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Vice Minister of Imperial Archives, Governor of Ise

Clan:  Kōshi

Lord:  Kikuchi Yoshitake → Ōtomo Yoshishige (Sōrin)

Father:  Akahoshi Shigetaka

Adoptive Father:  Kōshi Takahisa

Siblings:  Akahoshi Chikaie, Chikatame (or Shigetō (second son of Kikuchi Shigeyasu), Chikatame, Chikashige, Takakata)

Children:  Takashige, Shigekata

Kōshi Chikatame served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  Chikatame served as the lord of Takaba Castle in the Kōshi District of Higo Province.

Chikatame was born as the second son of Akahoshi Shigetaka in Higo.  Later, he was adopted by Kōshi Takahisa and inherited the headship of the Kōshi clan.

In 1550, Kikuchi Yoshitake into battle against Ōtomo Yoshishige (Sōrin) and assisted in recapturing Kumamoto Castle for Yoshitake.  In 1551, owing to the support that he provided to Yoshitake, the forces of Ōtomo Yoshishige besieged his base at Takaba Castle, but he withstood the assault.  In 1561, Chikatame mediated a dispute between the Sagara and Nawa clans. 

In 1578, Akahoshi Muneie lost Kikuchi Castle to the Ryūzōji clan of Hizen Province and Kumabe Chikanaga took possession while Muneie sought refuge with Chikatame.

That same year, at the Battle of Mimikawa, Chikatame sided with Ōtomo Yoshishige.  In this battle, the Ōtomo suffered a major defeat but his son, Kōshi Takashige, continued to affiliate with the Ōtomo. 

In the third month of 1580, Chikatame participated with allied forces comprised of individuals and clans affiliated with the Ryūzōji (including Kumabe Chikanaga and the Kawajiri and Kanokogi clans) along with kokujin of Higo subordinate to the Shimazu led by Nawa Akitaka and Jō Chikamasa to raise an army to overthrow the Aso clan.  A senior retainer of the Aso named Kai Sōun and his eldest son, Kai Chikahide (Sōritsu), led 8,000 soldiers to intercept these forces, confronting them at Tanganose across the Shira River.  According to reports from spies, Sōun learned that the Kumabe forces were enjoying drinking during the rainfall, so, at dawn the next morning, he crossed the river to mount a surprise attack.  The Kumabe forces fell into disarray and were sent fleeing.  As recognition for this victory, Ōtomo Yoshimune awarded Sōun the village of Ikenoura in the Akita District of Higo.  This is known as the Battle of Tanganose.

Around 1582, when the forces of Ryūzōji Takanobu invaded Higo, Chikatame transferred headship of the clan to his younger brother, Kōshi Chikashige.  In 1585, after Chikashige failed in his diplomatic policies with respect to the Shimazu clan, Chikatame headed toward the Shimazu domain.