Konishi Clan

Higo Province

Konishi Yukishige

Lifespan:  Unknown to Keichō 7 (1602) (estimated)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Kido → Konishi

Lord:  Konishi Yukinaga

Wife:  Isabe

Children:  Agata (wife of Hibiya Ryōka), Don Diego (Don Jacobo Chūjirō)

Konishi Yukishige served as a bushō during the Azuchi-Momoyama period.  He was a retainer of Konishi Yukinaga.  His original name was Kido Suesato and, owing to his contributions on the battlefield, was awarded the Konishi surname.  He received one of the characters in his first name from Yukinaga, adopting the name of Yukishige.  In his youth, he was called Yaheiji.  His common name was Sakuemon or Mimasaka.  His baptismal name was Don Jacobo.

His lineage and early history are uncertain.  Among three chief retainers of the Konishi family, Yukishige was the leader.  First, he entered Furufumoto Castle and served as the chamberlain and chief retainer.  After constructing Mugishima Castle (also known as Yatsushiro Castle), he served as the chamberlain there as well.

In 1590, he was active in the suppression of the Amakusa Kokujin Ikki (an uprising by provincial landowners in Amakusa).  From 1592, he participated in the Bunroku-Keichō Campaign, serving in the Battle of Pyongyang Castle.

According to the materials from China, when, in the course of peace negotiations, the Ming dynasty proposed in a letter to enfeoff Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Yukishige was among those awarded the title of a governor-general.

During the Battle of Sekigahara, Yukishige was in Mugishima Castle, but was deceived by a fabricated request for reinforcements delivered by a messenger from Uto Castle guarded by Konishi Yukikage under attack by forces under Katō Kiyomasa of the Eastern Army.  The messenger had been captured by the Katō forces, and, after Yukishige received the request, he departed the castle only to be ambushed by Katō forces lying in wait, causing defeat.  Yukishige then requested reinforcements from Shimazu Yoshihisa of the Western Army, and with the assistance of forces from Satsuma Province including Shimazu Tadanaga, Niiro Tadamoto, and Ijūin Hisaharu, defended the castle.

After the Battle of Sekigahara, upon learning that his lord, Konishi Yukinaga, was executed in Kyōto, Yukishige went to Satsuma and served the Shimazu family.  Yukishige died around 1602 and his remains were sent to Nagasaki.

In 1608, a twenty-year-old youth named Don Diego Konishi (who was expelled after rejecting an order by Shimazu Iehisa (Tadatsune) to renounce religion) was the son of Konishi Mimasaka.  In 1627, Don Diego and two individuals with the Konishi surname traveled from Nagasaki to Macau.

Similar to Yukishige, his son, Don Jacabo Chūjirō, was treated cordially by Shimazu Iehisa.