Kodera Norimoto


Kodera Clan


Harima Province

Lifespan:  Meiō 4 (1495) to 10/18 of Tenshō 4 (1576)

Other Names:  Masatarō, Tōbei, Kaga-no-kami

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Kodera

Lord:  Akamatsu Yoshimura → Akamatsu Harumasa

Father:  Kodera Masataka

Siblings:  Norimoto, sister (wife of Uozumi Yoshinaga), sister (wfie of Yorifuji Kōsho)

Wife: [Formal] Daughter of Kushihashi Michinori, [Consort] Daughter of Yashiro Michiyoshi

Children:  Masayori, Hiromine Nagamoto, Noriharu, daughter (wife of Akamatsu Yoshisuke), daughter (wife of Uozumi Yoshinaga), daughter (wife of Kasuya Noriyori, Sadamasa)

Kodera Norimoto served as a bushō and head of the Kodera clan.  He further served as lord of Himeji and Gochaku castles in Harima Province.

Norimoto was born in 1495 as the son of Kodera Masataka, lord of Himeji Castle in Harima. Masataka moved to Gochaku Castle after its construction in 1519, whereupon Norimoto took over as lord of Himeji.

In 1520, Norimoto deployed to Iwaya Castle in Mimasaka Province upon orders of Akamatsu Yoshimura, the military governor of Harima.  The soldiers prepared for an attack against Nakamura Gorōzaemon, a retainer of Uragami Muramune who led a rebellion against Yoshimura.  However, Norimoto incurred a major loss owing to the actions of Ukita Yoshie (a retainer of the Uragami), a betrayal by forces under Akamatsu Nakatsukasa-no-Jō, and the deaths in battle of Kodera Sukemoto and his son (distant relatives).

Thereafter, Yoshimura was first confined and then assassinated by Muramune.  This caused his orphaned son, Akamatsu Harumasa, to flee for safety to Awaji Province in the Seto Inland Sea and enabled the Uragami to expand their influence in western Harima.  At this time, Masataka served Harumasa while the Kodera clan continued actions in support of the Akamatsu.  In 1530, Masataka was cornered in Shōyama Castle in Harima and died in battle against Uragami Muramune.

In 1531, Norimoto succeeded Masataka as head of the family and entered Gochaku Castle. Norimoto placed distance between himself and Harumasa.  In 1538, when Amago Haruhisa combined with the Yamana to invade Harima, Norimoto deployed with forces to attack Harumasa at Takasago Castle.  Harumasa fled to Awaji, while confrontations with the kunishū, or local families of influence, from Harima continued.  Through mediation by his second son, Hiromine Nagamoto, in 1540, Harumasa reconciled with Norimoto, Akashi Masakaze, and other local families, enabling his return to Harima.

In 1545, Norimoto assigned the role of lord of Gochaku Castle to his son, Kodera Masamoto, and retired.  At the time of his demise, in 1576, the Kodera clan confronted a choice between siding with the Oda or Mōri clans.

Norimoto’s second son, Nagamoto, was adopted by Hiromine Takanaga.  His third son, Kodera Noriharu, born to a consort, became the lord of Kodera Caslte in the Akashi District of Harima.

There are writings in the name of Kodera Norimoto of Harima during the Bunmei era (1469-1486) and Bunki era (1501-1503) corresponding to the period when his grandfather (Kodera Toyomoto) and father (Kodera Masataka) served as head of the family.  According to one theory, the Kodera clan may have used the name Norimoto over three generations.