Kodama Naritada


Kodama Clan

Aki Province

Kodama Naritada

Lifespan:  Eishō 3 (1506) to 4/29 of Eiroku 5 (1562)

Other Names:  Kojirō, Saburōemon (common)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Aki-Kodama

Lord:  Mōri Motonari → Mōri Takamoto

Father:  Kodama Motozane

Adoptive Father:  Kodama Ieyuki

Siblings:  Narikane, Naritada, Narikata

Wife:  Daughter of Kuba Katanao

Children:  Motoyoshi, Okata Motonobu, Harutane, Naitō Motomori, daughter (wife of Awaya Motonobu)

Kodama Naritada served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He was a retainer of the Mōri clan and member of the Aki-Kodama clan.

The Kodama originated from the Arimichi clan in the Kodama District of Musashi Province.  In the Kamakura period, the family moved to the Toyota District of Aki Province.

Naritada was born as the second son of Kodama Motozane.  Later, he was adopted by a family member named Kodama Ieyuki.  As a hereditary retainer of Mōri Motonari, his skills in affairs of governance earned the deep trust of Motonari.  Motonari praised Naritada in noting “His manners with others in the family and administrative prowess are excellent.”  Naritada, together with Sugi Mototada, became a magistrate, forming the nucleus of Motonari’s political governance.

In the era of Mōri Takamoto, upon the formation of a governance system within the Mōri clan known as the Five Magistrates, Naritada was appointed as one of these original members.  The others included Akagawa Motoyasu, Awaya Motochika, Kunishi Motosuke, and Sugi Mototada.  His role within the group was to manage communications of Mōri Motonari and Mōri Takamoto, and, in particular, to communicate the wishes of Motonari as the real holder of power within the clan.  In this capacity, he continued to act as a servant of Motonari.  This, however, caused discord with other retainers of Takamoto, including Motoyasu and Motosuke, serving as members of the Five Magistrates.

Although Naritada excelled in affairs of governance, he was not exceptional on the battlefield.  During a battle against the Amago clan, he made contributions but not to the same level as other retainers.

On 4/29 of Eiroku 5 (1562), he died and the headship of the clan was inherited by his lineal heir, Kodama Motoyoshi.