Kira Shigetaka


Kira Clan


Musashi Province

Lifespan:  14xx to Unknown

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Kira

Clan:  Musashi-Kira

Lord:  Ashikaga Shigeuji → Uesugi Mochitomo

Father:  Kira Masatada

Wife:  Daughter of Uesugi Mochitomo

Children:  Kira Yoriyasu

Kira Shigetaka served as a bushō during the late Muromachi period.  Shigetaka was the head of the Musashi-Kira clan.  He was the father of Kira Yoryasu.

In 1454, Ashikaga Shigeuji, the Kamakura kubō, murdered Uesugi Noritada, the Kantō kanrei, or deputy shōgun of the Kantō.  This event triggered the Kyōtoku Conflict. Assorted lords in the Kantō split into opposing factions supporting, respectively, the Kamakura kubō and the deputy shōgun of the Kantō, leading to an ongoing series of clashes.  Owing to his marriage to the daughter of Uesugi Mochitomo, Shigetaka joined the faction supporting the deputy shōgun of the Kantō.  In 1476, Nagao Kageharu, a powerful retainer of the Uesugi, revolted in an event known as the Revolt of Nagao Kageharu. Various lords in the Kantō from the faction supporting the deputy shōgun acted in concert with Kageharu and also rebelled.  Ōta Dōkan, the kasai, or head of house affairs, for the Ōgigayatsu-Uesugi clan, deployed in an operation to subdue the Toshima clan, kokujin, or provincial landowners, of Musashi.  During Dōkan’s absence, Shigetaka served in his place as the chamberlain of Edo Castle.  Thereafter, he commanded forces to victory in numerous battles.