Kimotsuki Kanehiro


Kimotsuki Clan


Ōsumi Province

Lifespan:  Meiō 7 (1498) to 7/4 of Tenbun 21 (1552)

Other Names:  Saburō-gorō (common), 以安斎 (monk’s name)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Governor of Echizen

Clan:  Kimotsuki

Lord:  Shimazu Katsuhisa → Shimazu Takahisa → Shimazu Sanehisa → Shimazu Takahisa

Father:  Kimotsuki Kanekata

Siblings:  Kanehiro, Kanetoshi

Wife:  Daughter of Meguri Hisamoto

Children:  Kanemori

Kimotsuki Kanehiro served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He was the lord of Kajiki Castle in Ōsumi Province.

Kanehiro was from an illegitimate branch of the Kimotsuki clan founded by Kimotsuki Kanemitsu, the third son of Kimotsuki Kanetada, the twelfth head of the main branch of the Kimotsuki clan.  He served as a chief retainer of Shimazu Katsuhisa.  In the eleventh month of 1526, when Katsuhisa transferred headship of the clan to Shimazu Takahisa, Kanehiro was awarded the title of Governor of Echizen and served Takahisa.  In 1534, Kanehiro was granted the territories of Kawanabe, Kajiki, Kinouchi, and Nakanosu by Takahisa’s father, Shimazu Tadayoshi.  He then moved his base from Misobe to Kajiki in Ōsumi Province.  (According to an alternate theory, he moved in 1527.)

In 1537, Kanehiro was lured by Shimazu Sanehisa, the head of the Sasshū family (a cadet family of the Shimazu clan), and suddenly turned against Takahisa.  In 1542, Takahisa obtained support from Kitahara Kanetaka of an illegitimate branch of the Kitahara clan and assaulted Kajiki, but Kanehiro forced them to withdraw.

In the fifth month of 1549, Takahisa dispatched forces including Ijūin Tadaaki, Kabayama Yoshihisa, and Hongō Tadasuke.  Members of the Gamō, the Irikiin, the Kedōin, and the Tōgō rushed to the aid of Kanehiro.  In the eleventh month, Ijūin Tadaao (Tadaaki’s son) led a raid whereby the attacking forces set fire to the enemy encampment, forcing them to flee in defeat.  Kanehiro subsequently surrendered via the Hongō clan to Takahisa.

The following year, Kanehiro received recognition of his rights to his landholdings in Kajiki.

In 1552, Kanehiro died at the age of fifty-five.  He was succeeded by his lineal heir, Kimotsuki Kanemori.