Kawakami Hisashige


Kawakami Clan


Satsuma Province

Lifespan:  Tenshō 4 (1576) to 6/14 of Kanei 2 (1625)

Other Names:  Shichisuke (common)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Assistant Master of the Eastern Capital Office (Sakyō-no-suke)

Clan:  Kawakami

Lord:  Shimazu Yoshihiro → Shimazu Tadatsune

Father:  Kawakami Tadakata

Mother:  Daughter of Sonoda Sanesuke

Wife:  Daughter of Niiro Tadataka

Children:  久如, Hisamori

Kawakami Hisashige served as a bushō during the Azuchi-Momoyama and early Edo periods.  He was a retainer of the Shimazu clan of Satsuma Province.

In 1576, Hisashige was born as the son of Kawakami Tadakata.

In 1592, he accompanied Shimazu Tadatsune to serve in the Bunroku Campaign on the Korean Peninsula.  In 1600, at the Battle of Sekigahara, Hisashige rushed to join the camp of Shimazu Yoshihiro in the Western Army.  During the retreat, the forces were pursued by the division in the Eastern Army led by Ii Naomasa whereupon Hisashige, along with his uncles, Kawakami Tadae and Kawakami Hisatomo, in addition to Oshikawa Kimichika and Kubo Yukimori, dismounted from their horses to stand and fight the enemy.  Later, Hisashige was counted among a valorous group of retainers of the Shimazu known as the Five Spears of Ogaeshi.

Hisashige served as the lord of the manor for Taka Castle in Satsuma.  In 1614, during the Winter Campaign of the Siege of Ōsaka, Hisashige served as a member of a patrol unit comprised of 33 soldiers.

Hisashige died in 1625.