Katakura Kagechika


Katakura Clan


Mutsu Province

Lifespan:  Unknown to unknown

Other Names:  Iki-no-kami Yoritaka, Ikyūsai (monk’s name) 

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Katakura

Lord:  Date Harumune → Date Terumune → Date Masamune

Father:  Izu-no-kami Yorichika

Siblings:  Kagechika, Shikibu Shōyū Kageshige

Children:  Mondo Yorihisa

Katakura Kagechika served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He served as the lord of Kozakura Castle.

Kagechika was born as the son of Katakura Izu-no-kami.  Kagechika was the uncle of Katakura Kagetsuna, the lord of Shiroishi Castle in Shiroishi in the Katta District of Mutsu Province.

According to one theory, the Katakura clan followed Ōsakai Mochiakira (the local commissioner for Oushū during the mid-Muromachi period) from the capital to Oushū and settled in the Kurihara District.  Thereafter, in the era of Inaba-no-kami Yorikata, the Katakura separated from the Ōsaki and served Date Tanemune, making exemplary contributions on the battlefield.  Yorikata’s son, Yorichika, resided in the Komatsu township of the Nagai manor in the Okitama District and served Date Harumune.  Yorichika’s son, Iki-no-kami Yoritaka, was later known as Ikyūsai Kagechika.  Ikyūsai served three generations of lords – Harumune, Date Terumune, and Date Masamune.  As recognition for his military achievements, he was awarded a modest amount of land in the Date District.  During the Tenshō era (1573 to 1593), around the time that Masamune was in Yonezawa, he served in numerous battles as a military magistrate.

After the death in battle of his lineal heir, Mondo Yorihisa, during the Tenshō era, the battle standard raised next to the horse of a commander was transferred to Kojūrō Kagetsuna, the son of Yorihisa’s younger brother, Shikibu Shōyū Kageshige.

As a result, the descendants of Kojūrō (Ikyūsai’s nephew) inherited the role as the head of the Katakura clan.

Ikyūsai’s descendants continued to serve as retainers to the end of the Edo period and the family had landholdings of over 280 koku in the village of Ishikoshi.