Kaminoyama Yoshinao


Kaminoyama Clan


Dewa Province

Lifespan:  Bunroku 3 (1594) (?) to Genna 8 (1622)

Other Names:  Mogami Mitsuhiro

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Mogami → Kaminoyama

Bakufu:  Edo

Domain:  Dewa-Yamagata

Lord:  Mogami Yoshiaki → Mogami Iechika → Mogami Yoshitoshi

Father:  Mogami Yoshiaki

Mother:  Daughter of Shimizu Yoshiuji (?)

Siblings:  Mogami Yoshiyasu, Mogami Iechika, Shimizu Yoshichika, Yamanobe Yoshitada, Yoshinao, Ōyama Akitaka

Kaminoyama Yoshinao served as a bushō during the early Edo period.  He was a retainer of the Mogami clan of Dewa Province.

Yoshinao was born as the fifth son of Mogami Yoshiaki, a daimyō and the eleventh head of the Mogami clan.

There is a story that, in 1588, during the Battle of Ōsaki against the Date clan, he met his aunt, Yoshihime, on the battlefield and sought to forge a reconciliation between the opposing sides, but this event occurred before his birth so it appears to refer to another one of his siblings.

Satomi Minbu, the lord of Kaminoyama Castle in Dewa and the Satomi family including Satomi Masamitsu were ousted in connection with the murder of Mogami Yoshiyasu.  Afterwards, Yoshinao was awarded a fief of 21,000 koku in Kaminoyama.  As a member of the Mogami clan, he surpassed his older brother, Yamanobe Yoshitada, with a fief larger than that of the former lord, Satomi Minbu.

In 1622, after the Mogami family were removed from their position in connection with the Mogami Disturbance, he was taken in as a guest by Kuroda Tadayuki but committed seppuku soon thereafter.