Kakizaki Mitsuhiro


Kakizaki Clan


Dewa Province

Lifespan:  Kōshō 2 (1456) to 7/12 of Eishō 15 (1518)

Other Names:  Hikotarō

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Governor of Wakasa

Clan:  Kakizaki

Father:  Takeda Nobuhiro

Mother:  Adopted daughter of Kakizaki Sueshige

Siblings:  Sister (wife of Shimonokuni Tsunesue), Mitsuhiro, sister

Children:  Daughter, Yoshihiro, Takahiro, Motohiro

Kakizaki Mitsuhiro served as a bushō during the late-Muromachi and Sengoku periods.

In 1456, Mitsuhiro was born as the lineal heir of Takeda Nobuhiro of the Wakasa-Takeda clan.  He succeeded Nobuhiro and moved his base from Kaminokuni to the Matsumae-Ōdate, a mansion, and focused his efforts on administering the affairs of the Emishi peoples.

He was a primary participant in the Battle of the Shoya Kōji Siblings against Shoya and Kōji, the chiefs of the Ainu, which occurred in 1515.  According to certain sources, it occurred in 1519, but that would be after the death of Mitsuhiro, so 1515 is the more convincing date.

In 1518, Mitsuhiro died.