Hatakeyama Ietoshi


Hatakeyama Clan


Noto Province

Lifespan:  Kanshō 6 (1465) to Kyōroku 4 (1531)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Governor of Ōsumi

Clan:  Noto-Hatakeyama (Shōsaku-Hatakeyama family)

Bakufu:  Muromachi

Father:  Hatakeyama Masahide

Siblings:  Masachika, Rennō, Ietoshi

Wife:  Daughter of Kajūji Masaaki

Children:  Daughter (formal wife of Madenokōji Korefusa)

Hatakeyama Ietoshi served as a bushō from the late Muromachi period to the Sengoku period.  He was the lord of Nishiyachi Castle in Noto Province and held the title of Governor of Ōsumi.

Ietoshi was born as the son of Hatakeyama Masahide of the Noto-Hatakeyama clan.  His older brother, Hatakeyama Masachika, served as the head of the Fourth Division of the hōkōshū – the army comprised of five divisions under the direct control of the shōgun of the Muromachi bakufu.

Rennō, the fifth and final wife of Rennyo, the eighth-generation high priest of the Hongan Temple, was said to be the older sister and twin of Ietoshi.  His daughter became the formal wife of a noble named Madenokōji Korefusa with the high-ranking title of Minister of the Interior.

As a member of the Noto-Hatakeyama family, Ietoshi’s father, Masahide, governed the Hakui District.  Moreover, as a member of the Hatakeyama clan of the deputy shōgun, he was afforded treatment on the same level as the military governor.  Ietoshi followed Masahide by joining the Western Army in the Ōnin-Bunmei War.  Thereafter, Ietoshi traveled between his home province and Kyōto, facilitating marriages between influential families of nobles and cultivating relationships through the study of waka, or classical poetry, with Reizei Tamehiro and others.

In 1531, a dispute between Renjun (the maternal grandfather and guardian of Shōnyo, the tenth-generation high priest of the Hongan Temple) and followers of the temple triggered the Dai-shō ikki (an uprising by members of the Ikkō sect) in Kaga Province.  In an effort to assist Jitsugo, his nephew and the child of Rennō (the tenth son of Rennyo), Ietoshi received permission from Hatakeyama Yoshifusa (the seventh head of the Noto-Hatakeyama family) to deploy, along with Asakura Sōteki and Togashi Taneyasu and Togashi Yasutoshi (father and son) to deploy to Kaga but was defeated and killed in action by an army sent by the Hongan Temple to subdue them.