Hasegawa Yoji


Hasegawa Clan


Owari Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 4/20 of 1600

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Governor of Tanba

Clan:  Hasegawa

Lord:  Oda Nobunaga → Oda Nobutada → Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Siblings:  Yoji, Kyōsuke

Children:  Hidekazu

Hasegawa Yoji served as a bushō during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  Yoji is regarded to be the same individual as Hasegawa Tanba-no-kami, a retainer of the Oda clan, while Tanba-no-kami is considered to be the same individual as Yoshitake.

Yoji served Oda Nobunaga, the sengoku daimyō of Owari Province.  His name first appears in the list of participants in the Siege of Ōkawachi Castle in Ise Province occurring in the eighth month of 1569.  He then joined in the Battle of Noda and Fukushima Castles in the eighth month of 1570, followed by the Siege of Shiga from the ninth to twelfth months of 1570.  In the fifth month of 1571, at the First Invasion of Nagashima, Yoji joined Sakuma Nobumori in an attack from the Nakasuji entrance.  Thereafter, once Nobunaga’s eldest son, Oda Nobutada, garnered control of Owari and a portion of Mino Province, Yoji joined Nobutada’s forces.  In the seventh month of 1574, at the Second Invasion of Nagashima, Yoji served under the command of Nobutada.

On the first day of 1578, Nobunaga invited twelve retainers to make tea for at a tea ceremony, and Yoji was among those senior retainers invited including Oda Nobutada, Akechi Mitsuhide, Hashiba Hideyoshi, and Niwa Nagahide.  On 1/4 of the same year, Yoji’s name appears among the nine persons invited to an exhibition of valuable tea utensils held at the residence of Manmi Shigemoto.  In 1581, Yoji also accompanied Nobunaga at a tea ceremony held by Nobunaga for Hideyoshi.

In 1582, at the Conquest of Kōshū, Yoji participated on behalf of Nobutada.  On 3/16 of 1582, he delivered the head of Takeda Nobutoyo to Nobunaga.  On 4/3, he joined Tsuda Motoyoshi, Seki Narishige, and Akaza Nagakane to burn down the Erin Temple.  After some climbed atop the main gate, the attackers piled-up hay in the cloister and set it on fire, indiscriminately burning to death as many as 150 people including Kaisen Jōki, the head priest.

After the demise of Oda Nobunaga in a dramatic coup d’état known as the Honnō Temple Incident on 6/2 of Tenshō 10 (1582), Yoji became close to Hashiba Hideyoshi.  Together with Maeda Gen’i, Yoji served as a mentor of Oda Sanpōshi (later known as Oda Hidenobu).  Around this time, he underwent the rites of tonsure.  He appears on a list of attendees at a tea ceremony hosted by Tsuda Sōgyū on 1/10 of Tenshō 13 (1585) under the name Hasegawa Yoshitake, and, at another ceremony on 1/14, under the name of Hasegawa Yoji-Nyūdō.

Under the Toyotomi administration, he is said to have possessed land in Echizen Province.  On 4/11 of Bunroku 3 (1595), he donated residential land to the Seikō Temple in Echizen and also frequently received gifts from the Seikō Temple.  Following the death of Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1598, Yoji received a seating mat as a keepsake.

Yoji died on 4/20 of Keichō 5 (1600).