Hara Taneyoshi


Hara Clan

Chikuzen Province

Hara Taneyoshi

Lifespan:  Kōji 3 (1557) to 10/26 of Kanei 16 (1639)

Other Names:  Yazaemon, Sakon-no-taifu, Magosaburō, Iyo-no-kami; Juchūan (monk’s name)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Hōshuyama → Hara (abbreviated from Harada)

Bakufu:  Edo

Domain:  Chikuzen-Fukuoka

Lord:  Kuroda Yoshitaka → Kuroda Nagamasa → Kuroda Tadayuki

Father:  Hōshuyama Takanobu

Children:  Tanemori, Yoroku

Hara Taneyoshi served as a bushō from the Sengoku to early Edo periods.  In the Edo period, he was a retainer of the Fukuoka domain.  As a retainer of the Kuroda clan, he was included among a group of retainers called the Twenty-Four Elite of the Kuroda.

Taneyoshi was born as the son of Hōshuyama Takanobu, a retainer of Ōtomo Sōrin (Yoshishige), a sengoku daimyō and the twenty-first head of the Ōtomo clan.  The Hōshuyama clan of Buzen Province were members of the Harada clan of Chikuzen Province.

In 1586, during the Pacification of Kyūshū by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Taneyoshi was tendered as a hostage to Kuroda Yoshitaka and served as a guide.  In 1587, he became a retainer of the Kuroda clan.  At this time, he adopted the abbreviated surname of Hara.  During an assault on Kiidani Castle in the Chikujō District of Chikuzen, he was assigned to defend Kagurayama Castle and assault Karimatagatake Castle.  He later served in the Bunroku-Keichō Campaign.  In 1600, at the Battle of Sekigahara, Taneyoshi made contributions at the Siege of Aki Castle in Bungo Province for which he was promised a reward of 200 koku.

In 1602, Taneyoshi received a fief of 2,000 koku in the Kurate District of Chikuzen.  In 1609, he became the chamberlain of Fukuoka Castle.  In 1611, he acquired landholdings in the Yasu and Geza districts in lieu of his previous land.  Beginning in the first month of 1615, Taneyoshi participated in the work to fill-in the outer moat of Ōsaka Castle.  In 1620, Taneyoshi, along with Nomura Sukenao and Noguchi Kazuyoshi, was ordered by Kuroda Nagamasa to engage in excavation work on the Hori River in the Onga District.  The work began the following year but was suspended following the death of Nagamasa.

In 1633, after the Kuroda Disturbance, Taneyoshi was assigned in lieu of Kuriyama Toshiakira to hold-down Matera Castle in Chikuzen whereupon he called himself Iyo-no-kami.  In 1639, he transferred the headship of the clan to his grandson, Hara Tanetsune, retired, and adopted the monk’s name of Juchūan.

On 10/26 of Kanei 16 (1639), he died at the age of eighty-three.  His grave is at the Junshin Temple in the Hakata ward of the city of Fukuoka.


Taneyoshi studied renga, or linked-verse poetry, under Satomura Shōtaku.  He was known to have a quiet and honest character.