Hara Tanechika




Shimōsa Province

Lifespan:  Tenbun 8 (1539) to 9/26 of Tenshō 6 (1578)

Other Names:  Magoshirō (childhood), Chikuzen-no-kami

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Shimōsa-Hara (descended from the Kanmu-Heishi)

Lord:  Chiba Masatane → Chiba Toshitane → Chiba Chikatane

Father:  Hara Tanesada

Mother:  Daughter of the Aihara clan

Siblings:  Tanechika, Tanehide

Wife:  Daughter of Toyoshima Yoritsugu

Children:  Hisatane

Hara Tanechika served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He was the founder of the Tega-Hara clan and the lord of Tega Castle in the Sōma District of Shimōsa Province.

In 1539, Tanechika was born as the son of Hara Tanesada in Shimōsa.  In 1554, his father, Tanesada, inherited the Oyumi-Hara clan (the main branch of the Hara clan), becoming the lord of Oyumi and Usui castles.  At this time, at the youthful age of sixteen, Tanechika became the lord of Tega Castle in Shimōsa.  Thereafter, he served three generations of the Chiba clan, including Chiba Masatane, Chiba Toshitane, and Chiba Chikatane (the 24th to 26th heads of the Chiba clan).

There is a theory that Tanechika originated from the illegitimate family of Kuroda Motoki who separated from the Hara prior to the time of Tanesada’s grandfather, Hara Tanetaka.

In 1566, during an assault by Uesugi Terutora against Usui Castle, Tanechika served in the vanguard of the Chiba and Hara forces during which he led over 300 soldiers.

In 1578, Tanechika is surmised to have died at the age of thirty-nine and was succeeded by his lineal heir, Hara Hisatane.  In 1581 and 1582, however, an individual named Hara Chikuzen-no-kami who, serving as a representative of Chiba Kunitane, gave new year’s greetings to Ashikaga Yoshiuji (the Koga kubō), is deemed to have been Tanechika.

Further, there is an inscription on a mortuary tablet dated 9/26 of Tenshō 16 (1588) so this is also regarded as evidence of the date of his death.