Hanabusa Masayoshi


Hanabusa Clan


Bizen Province

Lifespan:  Daiei 4 (1524) or Daiei 6 (1526) to 6/22 of Keichō 10 (1605)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Governor of Echigo

Lord:  Akamatsu Harumasa → Ukita Naoie → Ukita Hideie

Clan:  Hanabusa

Father:  Hanabusa Masasada (?)

Children:  Masanari

Hanabusa Masayoshi served as a bushō from the Sengoku period to the early Edo period.  Masayoshi was a retainer of the Ukita clan of Bizen Province.

His family was a member of the Ashikaga clan, based in the Hanabusa neighborhood of the Kuji District in Hitachi Province.  The Hanabusa were a branch of the Ueno clan.

Initially, Masayoshi served the Akamatsu clan, but during the Tenmon era (1532-1555), the Hanabusa were affiliated with the Ukita clan.  Masayoshi established himself as a retainer of Ukita Naoie, becoming lord of Mushiage Castle in Bizen Province with a fief of 18,000 koku.  Masayoshi was known as an intelligent and brave warrior as well as a skilled archer. According to one anecdote, he repelled pirates by shooting their captain.  He was also talented at waka, a traditional form of linked-verse poetry, receiving interpretations of a collection of verses from Hosokawa Yūsai.

In his later years, Masayoshi retired to the territory of his lineal heir, Hanabusa Masanari, in Takamatsu in Bitchū Province.  Masayoshi died in Takamatsu Castle in 1605.