Fukuma Motoaki


Fukuma Clan


Aki Province

Lifespan:  Tenbun 8 (1539) to 8/26 of Tenshō 14 (1586)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Fukuma (a branch of the Yamana clan of the Seiwa-Genji family)

Lord:  Mōri Motonari → Mōri Terumoto

Father:  Fukuma Nobuharu

Mother:  Daughter of Shōrinbō Hironori

Siblings:  Takaaki, Motoaki, Seigan

Wife:  Daughter of Nakajo Motonobu

Children:  Motomichi, Motoyuki, Mototsune, daughter (wife of Irie Sadachika), daughter (wife of Yuasa Narichika)

Fukuma Motoaki served as a bushō during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  He was a retainer of the Mōri clan.  His common names were Hikosaburō and Hikozaemon.

In 1539, Motoaki was born as the second son of Fukuma Nobuharu.

Beginning in 1552, he served Mōri Motonari.  In 1554, his older brother, Fukuma Takaaki, was killed in action during the subjugation of the Kurose group in Aki Province.  Takaaki was eighteen years old at the time.  Consequently, Motoaki became the successor to the family.

In 1556 or 1561, during an attack on Nakamura Castle in Iwami Province, Motoaki sustained injuries in two locations but killed an enemy soldier.  From 1562 to 1563, he participated in attacks against Shiraga Castle in Izumo Province, an event known as the Siege of Shiraga Castle.  In this battle, the Mōri army mobilized miners from the Iwami-Ginzan Silver Mine to sever the source of water for the wells.  The Amago army responded by digging tunnels used to intercept the Mōri army.  Motoaki also joined in the battles in these tunnels, killing Mishiro Ōkura on the side of the Amago.  Upon orders, he killed Hara Sasuke in Shirakata in Izumo and two persons in Yunotsu in Shimane.

In 1569, at the Siege of Tachibana Castle, he incurred injuries to his hand serving at the front on the route to Matsuo-Shiratatsu.  Later that same year, during the Revolt of Ōuchi Teruhiro, Motoaki rode at the front of the forces to the the village of Tonomi at Ukino Pass on Mount Chausu in Suō and took the head of Ōuchi Teruhiro who had already taken his own life.  Furthermore, he killed enemies at assorted locations, including in the town of Aio in Suō Province, at Tenoshiro in Bitchū, and at Saburōzaka in Bingo.  In 1578, he killed Yamanaka Yukimori (also known as Yamanaka Shikanosuke) at the Ai crossing in Bitchū.  Yukimori, the head of the Amago revival army, had been captured at the Siege of Kōzuki Castle and was being taken to Mōri Motonari at Bitchū-Matsuyama Castle.

Motoaki also served as a commander in the Mōri navy.  He deployed n 1576, at the First Battle of Kizugawaguchi, and, in 1578, at the Second Battle of Kizugawaguchi.  In 1582, he followed Ibara Motoharu to serve as messengers in support of Kōno Michinao, gathering intelligence for the infantry division.

On 8/26 of Tenshō 14 (1586), during the Kyūshū Pacification, he was killed in action in Ōsato in Buzen Province.  He was forty-eight years old and succeeded by his son, Fukuma Motomichi.