Chōsokabe Motokado


Chōsokabe Clan


Tosa Province

Lifespan:  14xx to Bunmei 3 (1471)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Chōsokabe

Father:  Chōsokabe Fumikane

Siblings:  Motokado, Katsuchika

Chōsokabe Motokado served as a bushō during the late Muromachi period.  He served as the seventeenth head of the Chōsokabe clan and was a kokujin, or provincial landowner, in Tosa Province in Shikoku.

Motokado was born as the son of Chōsokabe Fumikane, the sixteenth head of the Chōsokabe.

The character “moto” in his name, in accordance with custom, was received from Hosokawa Katsumoto, the head of the Hosokawa-Keichō family serving as the military governor of Tosa at the time of Motokado’s coming-of-age ceremony (when adult names are given).

Motokado inherited the headship of the clan from his father, Fumikane, but gradually came into conflict with his father and was ousted.