Chōsokabe Fumikane


Chōsokabe Clan


Tosa Province

Lifespan:  14xx to Unknown

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Governor of Bizen

Clan:  Chōsokabe

Father:  Chōsokabe Motochika

Children:  Motokado, Katsuchika

Chōsokabe Fumikane served as a bushō during the Muromachi period.  Fumikane was the sixteenth head of the Chōsokabe clan.

Fumikane was born as the son of Chōsokabe Motochika, the fifteenth head of the Chōsokabe from the Nanbakuchō period.

Ichijō Norifusa was a high-ranking noble in Kyōto whom in 1458, became the kanpaku, or Chief Advisor to the Emperor.  After the outbreak of the Ōnin-Bunmei War in and around Kyōto, in the eighth month of 1467, Norifusa fled to Nara through the assistance of his younger brother, a priest of the Kōfuku Temple named Jinson.  After his father, Ichijō Kaneyoshi, also sought refuge in Nara, in the ninth month of 1468, Norifusa went to the Hata manor in Tosa Province on territory held by the Ichijō family.  He then resided in Nakamura downstream of the Shimanto River.  Welcomed by the kokujin, or provincial landowners, of Tosa, Norifusa resettled in the province.  He invited his father to visit and, after his father returned to the capital, Norifusa shipped lumber from Tosa for use in the construction of a residence.  Owing to Norifusa’s presence, nobles, bushi, and merchants traveled from Kyōto to Tosa, introducing cultural aspects of the capital.

Under the authority of Norifusa as the kokushi, or provincial governor representing the central authorities of the Muromachi bakufu, Fumikane sought to reconcile with the gōzoku, or wealthy families, in the province.  He also served as an overseer of temples and the Gyūkō hermitage in the eastern portion of Tosa, and there are indications that he leveraged the Ichijō clan for political purposes to expand his authority.

Fumikane transferred headship of the Chōsokabe to his eldest son, Chōsokabe Motokado, who became the seventeenth head of the clan.  Motokado, however, gradually came into conflict with Fumikane, so Fumikane later ousted him from the position.