Chiba Naoshige


Chiba Clan


Shimōsa Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 3/1 of Kanei 4 (1627)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Gohōjō → Shimōsa-Chiba

Bakufu:  Edo

Domain:  Awa-Tokushima

Lord:  Hōjō Ujimasa → Hōjō Ujinao → Hachisuka Iemasa → Hachisuka Yoshishige → Hachisuka Tadateru

Father:  Hōjō Ujimasa

Adoptive Father:  Hōjō Ujiteru

Siblings:  Hōjō Ujinao, Ōta Gengorō, Ōta Ujifusa, Naoshige, Hōjō Naosada, Genzō, Katsuchiyo, Hōkei-in (wife of Chiba Kunitane), Ryūjuin (wife of Satomi Yoshiyori), sister (wife of Niwata Shigesada)

Wife:  [Formal] Daughter of Chiba Kunitane, [Second] Younger sister of Ichihara Josetsu

Children:  Tōzaburō

Adopted Children:  Ōishi Shigemasa, Chiba Shigetane

Chiba Naoshige served as a bushō during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.

From a time prior to 1584, Naoshige was adopted by his uncle, Hōjō Ujiteru (Ōishi Genzō).  He received one of the characters from the name of his older brother, Hōjō Ujinao, and adopted the name of Naoshige.

In 1585, upon the death of Chiba Kunitane at the hands of a retaine, Kunitane’s son was still an infant, leading to a conflict within the Chiba clan regarding their response to the Hōjō clan.  The Hōjō faction demanded that the army march to the Sakura territory.  By the end of the tenth month, Ujinao proceeded, built Kashima Castle and brought the Sakura territory under their control.  At the same time, Hōjō Ujimasa engaged in negotiations with Hara Chikamiki, the head of the anti-Hōjō faction, to have Chikamiki yield allegiance to the Hōjō.  In view of the construction of Kashima Castle, Chikamiki tendered a written pledge of loyalty and submitted to the Hōjō family.  As a result, Naoshige was adopted and inherited the clan.  In 1589, he attended his coming-of-age ceremony and adopted the name of Shichirō which appears to have originated from the Chiba family.  Later that year, he inherited the headship of the Chiba clan.

During the Conquest of Odawara, Naoshige holed-up in Odawara Castle.  After the Battle of Odawara, he separated from his wife and followed his older brother, Ujinao, to live in seclusion on Mount Kōya in the environs of Kyōto.  In 1591, after he was pardoned, he served Hachisuka Iemasa who also appears to have been pardoned, and received a stipend of 500 koku.

A son named Tōzaburō who was born to his second wife died early, so he adopted as his son-in-law the third son of Masuda Toyomasa, a retainer of the Hachisuka clan.  Naoshige gave him one of the characters from his name so he was called Ōishi Shigemasa and had him inherit the headship of the clan.  Thereafter, for generations, His descendants served the Hachisuka family.  Three generations later, from the era of Naotake, the family adopted the surname of Ise who were ancestors of the Gohōjō.

There are other theories regarding Naoshige, including that he was adopted by Hōjō Ujimasa or Hōjō Ujiyasu.  According to one account, after the assassination of Chiba Chikatane, Ujiyasu and senior retainers of the Chiba clan arranged for Naoshige to wed the daughter of Chiba Toshitane and inherit the clan, but were ousted by a faction backing Chiba Tanetomi and, after returning to the Hōjō family, Naoshige was adopted by his older brother, Ujiteru.