Yamauchi Yoshiuji


Yamauchi Clan


Mino Province

Lifespan:  Genki 2 (1571) to 11/7 of Kanei 6 (1629)

Other Names:  Andō Yoshiuji → Yamauchi Yoshiuji

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Mino-Andō → Sukumo-Yamauchi

Bakufu:  Edo

Domain:  Tosa

Lord:  Yamauchi Kazutoyo → Yamauchi Tadayoshi

Father:  Andō Satouji

Mother:  通 (daughter of Yamauchi Moritoyo, older sister of Yamauchi Kazutoyo)

Wife:  Adopted daughter of Horio Yoshiharu

Children:  Sadauji

Yamauchi Yoshiuji served as a bushō during the Azuchi-Momoyama and early Edo periods.  In the Edo period, he served as a chief retainer of the Tosa domain.

In 1571, Yoshiuji was born as the son of Andō Satouji, the lord of Kitagata Castle in the Motosu District of Mino Province.

In 1580, his father, Satouji, together with his older brother, Andō Tomosato, rebelled against their lord, Oda Nobunaga and, in the sixth month of 1581, were executed.  At the time, Yoshiuji was in his youth so he and his mother turned to Yamauchi Kazutoyo for assistance and lived in seclusion in Iwate in the Motosu District.  In the eighth month of 1585, after Kazutoyo became the lord of Nagahama Castle in Ōmi Province again, Yoshiuji headed toward Nagahama, received support, and was granted the Yamauchi surname.

In 1601, owing to his contributions at the Battle of Sekigahara in the prior year, Kazutoyo acquired Tosa Province, whereupon Yoshiuji served as a chief retainer with a fief of 7,000 koku in Sukumo in the Hata District.

On 11/7 of Kanei 6 (1629), he died.