Yamanaka Yukitaka


Yamanaka Clan


Izumo Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 15xx

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Yamanaka

Lord:  Amago Haruhisa

Father:  Yamanaka Mitsuyuki

Siblings:  Yukitaka, Yukimori, sister (formal wife of Iida Sadamasa), sister (wife of Saeki Tokishige)

Yamanaka Yukitaka served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He was a retainer of the Amago clan.

Yukitaka was born as the eldest son of Yamanaka Mitsuyuki, a retainer of the Amago clan, the sengoku daimyō of Izumo Province.  He had the common name of Jintarō.

In addition to being of frail health, Yukitaka was not oriented to serve as a bushō so, in 1560, he transferred the headship of the clan to his younger brother, Yamanaka Yukimori, the prolific leader of the Amago Revival Army.  Yukitaka transferred a crest depicting a crescent moon and headpiece with deer antlers that were passed down through the generations of the Yamanaka family and then entered the priesthood. There are several theories concerning his whereabouts thereafter, including that he moved to the Banshō Temple below Gassantoda Castle and adopted the monk’s name of Ennen, he died of illness, or he supported his younger brother, Yukimori, by joining the Amago Revival Army and was later killed in action.

On 7/17 of Shōwa 49 (1974), a memorial to Yukitaka in the form of a gorintō (a five-part gravestone representing earth, water, fire, wind and heaven​) built by Yamanaka Takeo who resided in the city of Itami in Hyōgo Prefecture stands in the graveyard of the temple.