Urano Danjō-no-jō


Ōdo-Urano Clan


Kōzuke Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 3/22 (?) of Tenshō 9 (1581)

Other Names:  能化丸 → Magorokurō → Danjō-no-jō, Shigetsugu (?)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Ōdo-Urano

Lord:  Takeda Shingen → Takeda Katsuyori

Father:  Urano Shinrakusai

Siblings:  Danjō-no-jō, Umechiyo, sister

Wife:  Daughter of Unno Yukimitsu

Urano Danjō-no-jō served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He was a member of the kunishū, or provincial landowners, in the Agatsuma District of Kōzuke Province.  Danjō-no-jō served as the head of the Ōdo-Urano clan and as the lord of Ōdohira Castle.  He was married to the daughter of Unno Yukimitsu.

Danjō-no-jō was born as the son of Urano Shinrakusai.  Shinrakusai and the Ōdo-Urano clan were members of the kunishū with landholdings in the Ōdo area of the Agatsuma District.  Around 1562, he submitted to the Takeda clan after their invasion of western Kōzuke.  In 1567, Takeda Shingen allocated to Danjō-no-jō and his father, Shinrakusai, landholdings in the Ōdo area from Mishima to Iwakōri and the upper basin of the Karasu River.

By the third month of 1578, Danjō-no-jō inherited the headship of the clan from his father, becoming the head of the Ōdo-Urano clan.  In the seventh month, he received official recognition from Katsuyori to the rights to the landholdings earlier allocated by Shingen.  Danjō-no-jō was frequently ordered by Katsuyori to deploy to Tōtōmi Province.  In the tenth month of 1579, he was assigned to duty at Takatenjin Castle.

On 3/22 of Tenshō 9 (1581), Takatenjin Castle was attacked by the Tokugawa army and fell.  This is known as the Siege of Takatenjin Castle.  It is surmised that Danjō-no-jō died in this battle.  In addition, his uncle, Urano Tango-no-kami Uemon, is also deemed to have been killed.

After his death, the headship of the Ōdo-Urano clan reverted to his father, Shinrakusai.