Uno Hisashige


Uno Clan


Echizen Province

Lifespan: 14xx to 14xx

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Uno

Lord:  Akakura Takakage

Adopted Children:  Kagehisa (second son of Kanemaki Hirotsugu)

Uno Hisashige served as a bushō and retainer of the Asakaura clan during the last Muromachi period.

Hisashige was born either in Tango or Tanba province.  He may have been descended from the Minamoto clan.

Hisashige served Asakura Takakage of Echizen Province, and known as a warrior of unparalleled bravery.  Regularly at Takakage’s side, he was called a strong and fearless commander.  In the Ōnin-Bunmei War, a multi-faceted war that occurred in Kyōto and the surrounding provinces from 1467 to 1477, Takakage switched sides to the Eastern Army, which eventually prevailed.  On 6/10 of 1471, Hisashige served meritoriously in the Battle of Kawamata and, on 8/24, in the Battle of Shinjō and Sabae, and, later, on 11/21 of 1479, in the Nighttime Attack on Kanazu.