Ukita Haruie


Ukita Clan


Bizen Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 15xx

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Governor of Kawachi

Bakufu: Edo 

Clan:  Ukita

Father:  Ukita Okiie

Mother:  Daughter of Abe Yoshisada

Siblings:  Naoie, Haruie, Tadaie, sister (wife of Iga Hisataka), sister (wife of Maki Kuninobu)

Children:  Motoie (?)

Ukita Haruie served as a bushō as a member of the Ukita clan in Bizen Province during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.

Haruie, together with Ukita Tadaie, supported his older half-brother from a different mother, Ukita Naoie, for a long time.  In 1559, Haruie was appointed lord of Toishi Castle after recapturing the former base of the Ukita clan which had fallen to Shimamura Morizane and Ukita Kunisada in 1534.  In 1568, Haruie entered Kanayama Castle in Bizen.  He served on the front line against the Mōri and Mimura clans.

In 1573, Haruie became the lord of Kameyama Castle. In the spring of 1581, Haruie defended Kanayama Castle when the Mōri attacked Shinobuyama Castle in Bitchū Province.

Following the death of Naoie in 1582, Haruie and Tadaie supported Ukita Hideie and deployed to the Korean Peninsula.  The defenders incurred a fierce attack by Iga Iehisa, but barely withstood the assault and held the castle.

Theory concerning identity

There is a theory that Ukita Haruie is the same individual as Ukita Tadaie.  Haruie’s father, Ukita Okiie, died of illness within two years of fleeing for protection to Abe Yoshisada of Fukuoka in Bizen.  During that time, the daughter of Yoshisada may have had two sons with Okiie.  However, records of Haruie defending Toishi, Kanayama, Numa, and other castles frequently overlap with the records of Tadaie.  Moreover, in certain accounts, the names are used interchangeably, while the records overlaps in regard to their achievements and the battles in which Haruie and Tadaie participated.  In older materials, both men were also referred to as Shichirō-Hyōei.  Both Haruie and Tadaie are attributed with praising Naoie by saying that whenever he went outside, he always wore his armor and prepared for death.