Shirakawa Yoshitsuna


Shirakawa Clan


Mutsu Province

Lifespan:  Bunroku 1 (1592) to 9/6 of Kanei 16 (1639)

Other Names:  Yoshifusa, Chūzaburō

Rank:  bushi

Title:  Junior Assistant Minister of the Sovereign’s Household

Clan:  Komine → Shirakawa-Yūki

Bakufu:  Edo

Domain:  Sendai

Lord:  Date Masamune → Date Tadamune

Father:  Komine Yoshina

Adoptive Father:  Yūki Yoshichika

Wife:  Daughter of Yūki Yoshichika

Children:  Yoshizane, Komine Tomokage, Komine Tomokiyo, Tsukikawa-in (monk)

Shirakawa Yoshitsuna served as a bushi in the early Edo period.  He was a guest bushi of the Sendai (Date) domain.  Yoshitsuna served as the second head of the Sendai-Shirakawa family.

In 1592, Yoshitsuna was born as the son of Komine Yoshina from an illegitimate branch of the Shirakawa-Yūki clan.

His father, Yoshina, died early so he became the adopted son-in-law of his uncle, Yūki Yoshichika, who did not have a natural successor.  In 1590, during the Oushū Retribution, Yoshichika was removed from his position, whereupon Yoshitsuna was left to wander.  In 1601, he became a guest bushi of Date Masamune.  After receiving a stipend to support 100 people, Yoshitsuna pledged obedience to the Date and moved to Sendai.

Prior to the death of Yoshichika at the age of eighty-six in 1626, it is surmised that Yoshitsuna had already inherited headship of the clan.  From the era of Yoshitsuna onward, the clan became known as the Shirakawa but prior to his era, they were treated as guests of the Sendai domain.  In the era of his son, Shirakawa Yoshizane, the Shirakawa became formal members of the Sendai domain.

Yoshitsuna died on 9/6 of Kanei 16 (1639) at the age of forty-eight.  He was succeeded by his lineal heir, Yoshizane.