Ryūzōji Tanekazu


Ryūzōji Clan


Hizen Province

Lifespan:  Unknown to 15xx

Other Names:  Shinjirō (common)

Rank:  bushi

Title:  Vice Minister of Justice

Clan:  Ryūzōji

Father:  Ryūzōji Iekazu

Siblings:  Tanekazu, Tanehisa, Tanekado, Tadakiyo

Wife:  Gashōin

Children:  Keiginni

Ryūzōji Tanekazu served as a bushi during the Sengoku period.  He was the sixteenth head of the Ryūzōji clan of Hizen Province.

Tanekazu was born as the son of Ryūzōji Iekazu, the fifteenth head of the Ryūzōji clan who were kokujin, or provincial landowners, in Hizen.

Following the retirement of Iekazu, Tanekazu inherited the headship of the clan from an early age, becoming the sixteenth head of the Ryūzōji clan.  Tanekazu, however, died early.  As a result, his father reverted to the role as head of the clan.  After the death of Iekazu, Tanekazu’s younger brother, Ryūzōji Tanehisa, wed Tanekazu’s widow, Gashōin, and became the seventeenth head of the Ryūzōji clan.

His daughter, Keiginni, became the formal wife of Ryūzōji Kaneie.  Later, she became the second wife of Nabeshima Kiyofusa.  She was the natural mother of Ryūzōji Takanobu and the stepmother of Nabeshima Naoshige.