Matsudaira Moriie




Mikawa Province

Lifespan:  14xx to Unknown

Other Names:  Sakyō-no-suke (common)

Rank:  bushi

Family:  Takenoya-Matsudaira

Father:  Matsudaira Nobumitsu

Siblings:  Moriie, 昌龍, Chikatada, Tomosuke, Mitsushige, Mitsuhide, Tadakage, Mitsuchika, Iekatsu, Chikamasa, Chikanori, sister (wife of Toda Munemitsu)

Children:  Morichika

Matsudaira Moriie served as a bushi during the Sengoku period.  Moriie was the founder of the Takenoya-Matsudaira family, an illegitimate branch of the Matsudaira clan, based in Takenoya in the Hoi District of Mikawa Province.

Moriie was born as the eldest son of Matsudaira Nobumitsu, a bushō from the mid-Muromachi to Sengoku periods and the third head of the main branch of the Matsudaira clan.  The timing of the separation of the landholdings in Takenoya is uncertain.  According to one theory, the Takenoya-Matsudaira resided in Okazaki until the era of Matsudaira Kiyoyoshi, the fourth head of the family.  In a certificate to guarantee the security of the Daiju Temple (dated 8/16 of Bunki 1 (1501) and jointly signed by sixteen members of several Matsudaira families) appears the name of Takenoya Shichirō Hidenobu.  Based on a donation certificate from Matsudaira Nagachika addressed to the Daiju Temple, at this time, approximately three-tenths of a hectare of land in Tsukamoto in Iga in Okazaki donated by Nagachika had been received over thirty years earlier by Sakyō-no-suke-dono during the Bunmei era (1469 to 1487).  A portion of this land was then transferred to Takenoya Shichirō for the annual tribute.  Takenoya Shichirō Hidenobu is deemed to have been one of Moriie’s offspring.  As such, in the era of Moriie, the family already possessed this land.

According to certain genealogies, Moriie died on 8/7 of Bunki 3 (1503) but, based on the foregoing donation certificate to the Daiju Temple, it can be determined that Moriie died before 1501 so the date given in the genealogies is considered erroneous.  While Moriie was living until this period, it is surmised that an uprising in the family arose during the era of Matsudaira Nobumitsu (the third head of the main branch) and Matsudaira Chikatada (the fourth head of the main branch) by which the Takenoya-Matsudaira were formed as one of the illegitimate branches of the Matsudaira clan.