Kakizaki Sueshige


Kakizaki Clan


Dewa Province

Lifespan:  Unknown to 5/12 of Kanshō 3 (1462)

Rank:  bushi

Clan:  Wakasa-Takeda (?) → Kakizaki

Wife:  Daughter of Andō Masasue

Children:  Nobushige

Adopted Children:  Daughter (wife of Takeda Nobushige)

Kakizaki Sueshige served as a bushi during the mid-Muromachi period.  He served as the lord of the Hanazawa house and the military governor of Kaminokuni.

Sueshige was a near relative of Takeda Nobushige, the military governor of Wakasa Province.  After crossing to the lands of the Ezo peoples, he became the son-in-law of Andō Masasue of Shimonokuni.  It appears that he adopted the surname of Kakizaki and resided in the Hanazawa house, but there are various theories so the details are uncertain.

In 1456, Andō Masasue responded to a solicitation from Andō Koresue (a member of a cadet family and the lord of Akita Castle, the base of the provincial governor of Dewa having the title of Akitajō-no-suke) and moved to Shōroku Island.  Before long, he decimated Kasai Hidekiyo of the Akita-Kahoku area (later known as the Hiyama District) and constructed Hiyama Castle to serve as his main base.  He then nominated Sueshige (the lord of the Hanazawa house) as the military governor of Kaminokuni, Andō Iemasa (Masasue’s younger brother and the lord of the Mobetsu house) as the military governor of Shimonokuni, and Andō Sadasue as the military governor of Matsumae.  There is also a view that Andō Iemasa or Andō Sadasue governed as the sole military governor at this time.

In 1457, after Takeda Nobuhiro, a guest commander serving as the commander-in chief of the Yamato army suppressed the opposition at the Battle of Koshamain, Sueshige had his adopted daughter (the natural daughter of Andō Masasue) wed him and had him inherit the headship of the clan.