Date Hisamune


Date Clan

Date Hisamune

Mutsu Province

Lifespan:  Kyōtoku 2 (1453) to 5/5 of Eishō 11 (1514)

Rank:  bushi

Titles:  Junior Fifth Rank (Lower); Master of the Palace Table

Clan:  Date

Father:  Date Shigemune

Mother:  Egonin (daughter of Ōsaki Norikane)

Siblings:  Hisamune, Kasai Munekiyo, Dewa-no-kami

Children:  Tanemune, Rusu Kagemune, Hisamatsumaru, daughter (second wife of Mogami Yoshisada)

Date Hisamune served as a bushi from the late Muromachi period to the Sengoku period.  He was the thirteenth head of the Date clan and carried the titles of Junior Fifth Rank (Lower) and Master of the Palace Table.

Hisamune was the eldest son of Date Shigemune, the twelfth head of the Date clan.  Based on family traditions, he received one of the characters in his name from Ashikaga Yoshihisa, the ninth shōgun of the Muromachi bakufu, and adopted the name of Hisamune.

There is a lack of details concerning the generation that succeeded his father as head of the clan owing to uncertainty regarding the year that Shigemune died, although it is understood that Hisamune inherited the clan around 1487.

Hisamune received a wife from the Uesugi clan, the military governors of Echigo Province.  She was either the daughter of Uesugi Sadazane, Uesugi Fusasada, or Fusasada’s younger brother, Uesugi Fusazane.

In 1490, Hisamune rebuilt Shionobisha, a shrine serving as the principal place of worship for a Buddhist diety named Vaisravana who was revered as one of the Seven Buddhist Deities bearing good fortune.  This shrine was located to the north of Hisamune’s base at Yonezawa Castle.

In the fourth month of 1494, disturbances arose within the territory of the Date clan, causing Hisamune to temporarily take refuge under the protection of Ashina Moritaka in Aizu.  After returning to Yonezawa, Hisamune received Ashikaga Yoshizumi, the shōgun, who had fled the capital of Kyōto.  By backing Yoshizumi, Hisamune aimed to raise the influence of the Date clan, but this plan failed.

On 5/5 of 1514, Hisamune died at the age of sixty-two.  He was succeeded by his eldest son, Data Takamune (who three years later changed his name to Date Tanemune).